What are the popular benefits of jitter?


I believe you are familiar with the words like “praise”, “attention” and “popular“. Now a lot of software is used in this way, and the jitter is the best among them. Why do people who publish videos or articles will mention something like praise, comment, and hot stuff at the end? Is there any benefit to them?


1、 Why do you like, comment, or be popular?

Now, whether it’s fast hands, jitter, small volcanoes, micro-blog, or even know that at the end of their works, let the people who see it pay attention to themselves. Why do they do this? In fact, it is very simple. The trembling training network thinks that when the number of your points and the number of comments is more, the background of the system will default that the video quality you send is good enough, and then push more for you. People will even push your works to the top and let more people see them.


Two, what are the popular benefits of jitter?

Some people will ask, what are the advantages of pushing to more people? Why are there some popular benefits of shaking? Why are people trying to rush to the top? For ordinary people, it may just be a word for them, but for those who want to make money from the flow, the popular benefits of shaking are really numerous. The biggest thing is that you can make a huge change in your fans. When your video is on the top of the trill, as long as your video quality is not too much of a problem, tens of thousands of people who play the jitter will see your video on the front page and then pay attention to you, like you, so that you instantly have a large number of fans. In today’s society, having fans means having traffic. Having traffic means having money. Interested friends can go to the jitter training network to find out.

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