What are the new functions of watch OS 2.0? Detailed description of the new functions of watch OS 2.0


Watch OS 2.0 was released at Apple WWDC in 2015. This version is a big update and adds many new functions. So what are the new features of watch OS 2.0? The following edition introduces the new functions of watch OS 2.0. Let’s take a look together with the edition.

What are the new features of watch OS 2.0?

1. The dial wallpaper can be customized or the 24-hour delay video of a city can be selected. The information flow dial integrates information reminders from third-party APP. For example, weather, flights, etc.

watch os2.0有哪些新功能 watch os2.0新功能详解

2. By rotating Digital Crown, you can view the schedule of the day before and after, as well as future weather information.

watch os2.0有哪些新功能 watch os2.0新功能详解1

3. When charging, the apple watch turns into a bedside clock. Press the Digital Crown lame bed for a while and press the side key for the lame bed to wake up naturally.

watch os2.0有哪些新功能 watch os2.0新功能详解2

4. Contacts can be added to the screen, and pictures can be drawn on the small screen with strong fingers, so as to fill in the brain by oneself.

watch os2.0有哪些新功能 watch os2.0新功能详解3

5. Through Smart Reply, emoticons and dictation, you can reply to email directly on your wrist.

watch os2.0有哪些新功能 watch os2.0新功能详解4

6. Siri, Apple Pay and Transit are all integrated into Apple Watch. From the live demonstration, it seems that the response is slower than that of mobile phones.

 watch os2.0有哪些新功能 watch os2.0新功能详解5

The homekit that had been brought before was taken here once again, to the effect that users can monitor their homes through apple watch later.

WatchOS 2.0 is launched today as a developer version. The consumer beta version will be launched in July, and the official version will be released in the autumn of this year.

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