What are the new features of win10 1803? Introduction to new features of win10 official edition in April 2018


Recently, Microsoft officially launched the update of win10 1803 in April 2018, which started on May 1. However, it may be delayed for different devices to receive the update, so the partners can wait patiently. Users can also open win10 settings – > update and security – > windows update to check online and update the system. The update of win10 1803 in April has brought many new functions. Today “developer” will take a look at some new features of win10 1803 in April 2018.

Win10 1803有哪些新功能?Win10 2018四月正式版新特性汇总

Windows10 1803

Win10 1803 (updated in April) mainly adds seven new functions, such as timeline, focus assistant, etc. Let’s learn about it with Xiaobian.

1. Timeline: easy to find important content on the computer

Nowadays, almost all the time is closely related to the screen. Personal information is distributed on multiple devices, which makes it more and more difficult to find information.

We’ve all had the experience of remembering to write some documents, but looking through emails and folders, we found nothing. Or remember to see some favorite photos and videos, but can’t find them.The new timeline function of win10 April system can help us avoid wasting these time

Win10 1803有哪些新功能?Win10 2018四月正式版新特性汇总

Click windows + tab to quickly open the timeline

With the help of the timeline function, the activity content within 30 days can be retrieved on the win10 computer in time, whether it is the content used earlier today, last week, or a few weeks ago.

Remember to clean up the activity records that you don’t want others to see in time.

2. Focus assistant: help you work more focused

Today, most of us spend 3-6 hours a day in front of the screen of electronic devices, most of which is spent on social media, and the continuous interference information from various devices makes it difficult for us to focus.

In many ways, our attention is being distracted, and all kinds of miscellaneous information continue to attract our attention, leading to our inability to focus on those important things. It’s a war of concentration.

Win10 1803有哪些新功能?Win10 2018四月正式版新特性汇总

Open windows settings system focus assistant to set up

Through win10 April system update, we have launched the focus assistant function, which helps us focus on the business we are dealing with. We can turn on the focus assistant at any time, so that we can deal with the business in hand without interference from social media or other notifications.

You can also choose to turn it on automatically at a specific time. When the task is completed, a summary will be received, which contains all the information received during the focused work, including notifications, emails, updates, etc.

3. Share nearby: easily share data with nearby equipment

It’s always inconvenient to transfer data between mobile phone and computer or between computers. Now win10 April system update brings us the function of “sharing nearby” to transfer data easily.

Win10 1803有哪些新功能?Win10 2018四月正式版新特性汇总

As long as your device has Bluetooth function or is connected to the same WiFi network, click the notification center in the lower right corner of the desktop and turn on the “share nearby” switch to easily transfer data.

Win10 1803有哪些新功能?Win10 2018四月正式版新特性汇总

openWindows settings system experience sharing, you can set the nearby sharing function, and you can select the nearby devices that can be shared by everyone or only by yourself.

4. Forgot the password of the local account? Easy recovery now

When using win10, I occasionally encounter an awkward problem: I forget my account password, and my computer does not log in to Microsoft account. I only set a local account, and I can’t reset the password through Microsoft Server. It seems that there is no other way but to reinstall the system.

Now, in the win10 April system update, you can set three security issues for your local account in advance. If there is an embarrassing problem of password forgetting, you can retrieve your password at any time through these issues.

Win10 1803有哪些新功能?Win10 2018四月正式版新特性汇总

openWindows settings account login options, click “update your security problem” under the password.

5. Easy switching of dual video cards, energy saving and efficient

For notebook equipped with core graphics card + independent dual graphics card, win10 April system update can easily switch the working status of the graphics card in the system settings.

When you need to play games or run professional software, run a high-performance independent video card. For daily operation, switch to core video card when using office or watching video. Combine performance and energy efficiency to help notebook achieve longer endurance.

Win10 1803有哪些新功能?Win10 2018四月正式版新特性汇总

openWindows settings system display, click the graphic settings below to customize the graphics card called when running different programs. Is it more convenient than setting up the control panel of AMD and NVIDIA graphics card?

6. Is privacy data collected by Microsoft? Now centralized management

In a previous article about: Microsoft will silently upload your privacy data to the server for analysis, most users said they did not know.

In the system update of win10 April edition, the “diagnostic data viewer” will be integrated in the system settings. You can manage the customized service content provided by Microsoft according to the privacy information by yourself, view the privacy data collected by Microsoft, and jump to the webpage to manage these data.

Win10 1803有哪些新功能?Win10 2018四月正式版新特性汇总

openWindows settings – Privacy – diagnostics and feedback, drop-down to see the diagnostic data viewer.

7. Edge browser can make you more focused

Edge browser also ushers in feature updates, which will help us to focus on browsing the web.

Now it’s finally possible, like chrome, to click on the audio icon to disable or allow sound from the page. Whether it is a book, PDF or a page in reading view, it can be displayed in full screen to bring you an undisturbed reading experience.

Win10 1803有哪些新功能?Win10 2018四月正式版新特性汇总

Shopping will also be easier, with secure storage of addresses, payments and other information, optionally filled in automatically when using web payment.

With the new clean printing option, you can also print the web page more cleanly, eliminating the clutter and useless information on the page. When reading, you can get help from the latest grammar tools, which can divide the words on the page into syllables and highlight different parts of speech, such as nouns, verbs and adjectives.

These are the seven new features of the official version of win10 1803. I’m sure you’ll be looking forward to seeing them. Which new feature do you prefer? Let’s talk in the comment area.