What are the new features of visual studio 2017 official release for Mac


The long-awaited official version of visual studio 2017, a software development tool launched by Microsoft, will be launched soon. What are the release time of the official version of visual studio 2017 and the new features of the Mac version? Let’s witness the 20th anniversary of visual studio.

Visual studio 2017 release date

Now, Microsoft officially announced that the official version of visual studio 2017 will be officially released on March 7! The streaming live broadcast will be conducted from March 7 to March 8.

What are the new features of visual studio 2017mac

  1、Navigation enhancement: Visual Studio 2017 greatly improves code navigation, colors results, and provides custom grouping, sorting, filtering, and searching. Powerful go to all (Ctrl + T or Ctrl +,) enables fast and complete search of any file, type, member or symbol declaration in the solution.

  2、No solution loading file required:Visual studio 2017 can directly open and process any file in a series of languages such as C, C + +, ruby, go, etc. details

  3、Intelligent filtering:IntelliSense now provides filters to help you get what you need without having to go through too many steps.

4. Language improvement: a new C language refactoring command has been added to help modernize the code with the latest standards. The new style analyzer and support for editorconfig can coordinate the coding standards of the whole team.

        5、CMake support for C++:You can start coding by loading the cmake project directly in visual studio.

  6、Linux support for C++:Visual C + + for Linux development is now part of visual studio 2017. details

  7、Live unit testing:As the name suggests, it tells you in real time whether the unit test will pass or fail without leaving the code editor. details

  8、Run to Click: When you stop in an interrupt state in the debugger, hover over a line of code and you will see run to click glyph. Click to stop at this line and continue with this next time.

  9、Exception Helpers:You can immediately view the root cause of the exception and access the inner exception immediately. In addition, you can exclude the type of exception thrown from the specified module by clicking the check box to add a condition when throwing an exception stops.

  10、Small and light installation:Visual studio 2017 new installer makes it easier to start and run. The minimum installation is only one tenth the size of the previous version and can be completed in a minute or two.

Knowing the release time of the official version of visual studio 2017, the latest features and how to install it, I recommend another article for you:Visual studio 2017 official offline installation tutorial

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