What are the main board types? The difference between big board and small board


The model of motherboard should not only be related to your own needs, but also match with your own computer. So how to choose the motherboard? Now let’s talk about the selection of motherboard model. Let’s have a look.

主板板型有哪些? 主板大板和小板的区别

  What are the main board types?

Friends who understand computer hardware should be divided into big board and small board, but most of them don’t know much about the board types.

As far as the mainstream motherboards in the market are concerned, board types are mainly divided into ATX (standard type), m-atx (compact type), mini-ITX (mini type) and E-ATX (enhanced type). The board types of these motherboards have no corresponding relationship with motherboard chips or specific models.

For example, Intel’s latest skylake processor needs to be equipped with 100 series motherboards, including Z170 motherboard, H170 motherboard, B150 motherboard and entry-level H110 motherboard. Whether high-end Z170 motherboard, mainstream B150 motherboard, or H110 motherboard, there are ATX, m-atx, mini-ITX and other board types.

In other words, the board type of the motherboard is only related to the design size of the motherboard and the board type standard, and has nothing to do with the specific motherboard model. Any mainstream model may be divided into ATX (standard type), m-atx (compact type) and E-ATX (enhanced type). Different motherboard board types have only slight differences in size, expansion interface, etc.

  The difference between big board and small board

主板板型有哪些? 主板大板和小板的区别

  ATX motherboard

ATX motherboard, commonly known as the standard large board, is rectangular in structure and has the largest size. It needs to be equipped with a large chassis above the middle tower. Its advantages are good materials and rich expansion interfaces, but the price is slightly expensive;

主板板型有哪些? 主板大板和小板的区别

  M-atx motherboard

M-atx motherboard, commonly known as compact motherboard, also known as small board, its structure is square, and the size is about 24.4x 22.6cm, which is suitable for small machine users to recommend. With the popularity of LCD TV in recent years, many home users are popular to assemble small DIY computers, place the living room, connect TV, watch network TV, etc. m-atx motherboard is mainly used in small box computers.

主板板型有哪些? 主板大板和小板的区别

Mini-ITX motherboard, commonly known as mini motherboard, is also square in structure, with a size of about 17 X 17cm. The motherboard is smaller in size, and is suitable for some smaller minicomputer chassis. It is similar to the itx motherboard.

主板板型有哪些? 主板大板和小板的区别

  Mini-ITX motherboard

Finally, there is an E-ATX (enhanced) motherboard. This motherboard is usually a game customized motherboard or a motherboard with WiFi modules, which is mainly enhanced in terms of functions.

It is worth mentioning that in addition to the above four main board types, there are some relatively rare ones, such as mini STX motherboard, which is only 14x14cm in size. It is very small and belongs to customized small motherboard, which is generally relatively rare.

  The advantages and disadvantages of large motherboard and small motherboard are analyzed

1. First of all, large board and small board performance is the same, it will not affect the performance of the computer;

2. The expansion interfaces of the large board may be more abundant. For example, the standard configuration of the large board is 4 memory slots, while the small board may be 2 or 4. In addition, the PCI slot of the large board is more abundant, and other interfaces are basically the same;

3. Large motherboard materials are relatively sufficient, but the price will be more expensive;

4. The large board needs to select the large chassis above the middle tower, and the small motherboard can be compatible with both large chassis and some mini chassis, and the price may be relatively cheaper;

So, buy motherboard is to choose big motherboard or small motherboard? For this problem, mainly depends on the demand. Generally speaking, if you are assembling a general low-end entry-level computer and choose some small chassis, then you need to buy m-atx motherboard or mini motherboard. For some game players who pay attention to heat dissipation and need to choose large chassis, it is generally recommended to choose ATX motherboard. Its expansion and workmanship are relatively better, which is conducive to heat dissipation; For ordinary users, it is generally recommended to choose m-atx small motherboard, which is relatively cheap, and the expansion interface is basically enough.

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