What are the highlights of Amazon cloud technology China Summit in 2021?


Another month is the 2021 Amazon cloud technology China summit! This year, our key words are “innovation” and “remolding”. After all, step by step and following the rules are never the style of Amazon cloud technology. At the 2021 Amazon cloud technology summit in China, we decided to take “building a new pattern and reshaping the cloud era” as the theme, and join hands with many leading technology practitioners in the industry to share with you the “building story and reshaping experience of the cloud era”.

What are the highlights of Amazon cloud technology China Summit in 2021?

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Highlight 1: industry structure
Heavyweight industry experts and industry bigwigs share unique industry insights on the spot, instantly understand Amazon’s leading global vision, focus on China and talk about innovation. We can also get in-depth analysis of global technology and view the New Amazon AI technology achievements. Let’s think about the future together.

Highlight 2: sense of future city
Amazon cloud technology “boundless city” debut, life can experience the technology is “real technology”! Others are still imagining their future life, but you can experience it directly in Amazon cloud technology! Experience the city of truth and technology, and feel the future is coming.

Highlight 3: enjoy the passion of racing
Remember the 4WD brothers? This time, we have specially created “Amazon deepracer auto driving racecourse” in the exhibition area. Let’s start a crazy and exciting auto driving race together! Join us in paying homage to the former 4WD youth with AI!

Highlight 4: unlimited brain power
We will set up a special developer zone, and cooperate with Apache and other open source communities, as well as a number of open source bulls, to bring open-minded content sharing for developers! More hackers are invited to participate in the competition, and let go of the creative nature of the builders! Be ready to let go of your creative nature and work with like-minded friends to boost your brain power!

Highlight 5: listening and master’s personal teaching
Nearly 100 experts come together to give you a few master lessons in technology and industry. Nearly 100 partners, customers and Amazon cloud technology experts from all fields of the industry form a strong guest team, which will bring you the industry’s best practice sharing and interpretation of the release of leading technological achievements!

Highlight 6: meeting with technology partners
Join the circle of friends of science and technology and increase the style of science and technology together! Thousands of partners gather to talk with you about seeking new business potential with Amazon cloud technology global ecology. The site will also bring Amazon cloud technology partner strategy, new support plan and Amazon cloud technology release. Let’s achieve win-win cooperation in the cloud era! We Want You!

Highlight 7: Cheng, a technology magnate
Let’s go to the extreme! Builders! Come here for face-to-face communication with famous teachers, free experience of the original ecosystem of systematic training opportunities created by the world’s top scientific and technological talents, high-quality content to boost the second to learn bully! Let’s study extreme evolution together!

By the way, the Amazon cloud technology summit in China has set up venues in Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen. The agenda is as follows:
Shanghai World Expo Center July 21-22
Beijing National Conference Center August 19-20
Sheraton Greater China Hotel, Shenzhen, September 15

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What are the highlights of Amazon cloud technology China Summit in 2021?
Let’s meet at Amazon cloud technology China Summit this summer!