What are the differences between software testers with a monthly salary of 7K and 25K? To master it, leaders think highly of you


People who know about software testing know that the ceiling of function testing may be about 15K, while the starting point of automation is about 15K. Of course, the skills that the two posts need to master are certainly different.

If you have just started learning software testing, the basic salary will be about 7-8k. This salary is not too high, mainly because you have no previous work experience in IT industry. The functional test of first tier cities can get about 9-10k.

The current situation of software testing industry. If you only know functional testing, there is no advantage, and you can’t automation and performance, it is doomed that your core competitiveness in the workplace is not enough. Now let’s introduce the knowledge of software testing from 0 to 1.

As a past person, if you want to advance, you must study systematically.

If the salary is different, it can be roughly divided into two grades:

Monthly salary 5-9k:From getting started with zero foundation to being able to find a job

Monthly salary 15-25k:Testing, performance testing and automated testing

Phase I:

Monthly salary 6-9k, just started, first learn the function test!

Maybe you are a fresh student who has just entered the society, or maybe you have just changed your career and entered the software testing industry. First of all, you must master the following basic theories:

  • Definition, life cycle, workflow and demand analysis of software testing;
  • Design, compilation and review of test cases;
  • Basic knowledge of bug and the use of Zen;
  • Preparation of test plan and test report;
  • Use of SVN and git version control tools;

After mastering the above basic contents, we can start practical combat, it’s best to find a web test project to do first. After the project arrives, you can go through it according to the following process:

  • Release the project for project approval, and establish a project team for division of labor;
  • Requirements review, learn how to read requirements documents, conduct requirements analysis and list test points;
  • Sort out the test points, write test cases, and then review the use cases;
  • Perform tests, such as function, interface, front and back stage, compatibility and database, and submit the found bugs to Zen;
  • Analyze, summarize and prepare test report;

After completing this process, it means that you have a clear understanding of the overall test processHowever, it is still not enough for you to find a satisfactory job. To really master functional testing, you must also learn the following:

  • Linux
  • database
  • Interface test
  • App test

Here, you can submit your resume and find your first test job.

However, this just means that you can find a job. Now, if you want to develop in this industry for a long time, you must deal with performance testing, which is the only way for you. Only by winning these can you get a higher salary.

Most novices don’t know the learning path of software testing. They don’t know what content is suitable for what stage to learn, so it’s easy to make detours. It’s better for someone to give guidance, so that the learning efficiency will be high. I also have a deep understanding of this,If you don’t have the right boss to take you, don’t worry. Find the corresponding software testing, learning and exchange group to communicate and study with you. This effect is also very good.

Let’s talk about the second stage: a monthly salary of 15-25k, complete performance and automatic testing, and take charge of it alone!

Let’s start with performance testing. Many people have misunderstandings about performance:

  • Only measurement without adjustment cannot give suggestions for the implementation of R & D and operation and maintenance personnel
  • Unable to locate the problem, lack of clear logic and data to prove the value
  • Performance test tool ≠ performance test
  • The technical system of performance testing is backward, and there is an urgent need for open source software

If you want to avoid such misunderstandings, you must learn the following:

  • Concept and process of performance test: analysis of common problems, popular tools and scheme design
  • Performance test tools: use and actual combat of JMeter tools; JMeter multi protocol, expansion and customization; Distributed pressure measurement and task scheduling;
  • Performance monitoring: performance monitoring system and monitoring data collection
  • Performance implementation: distributed service pressure test, scenario design and scenario execution; Test result correlation analysis, TPS, response time, thread correlation analysis, stress and resource utilization correlation analysis
  • Performance analysis and report: JVM debugging and system debugging; Performance bottleneck analysis

If the performance test can master the above, there is basically no big problem when the monthly salary reaches 15K.

If you can master the learning content of the following automated test, you can directly impact the monthly salary of 25K!

It is suggested to start with Python and learn the basic syntax of Python first.

  • Automatic testing on Web: Selenium installation, recording and processing;
  • Web control, JavaScript script, Po mode;
  • Mobile app automation test: appium usage, recording and element positioning methods;
  • App control positioning, interaction and parameterized use cases;
  • Appium problem location analysis, source code analysis, secondary packaging;
  • Server interface automation test: interface automation test framework request;
  • Interface request construction and assertion;
  • JSON / XML request, response and assertion;
  • Head cookie processing and authentication system;

Well, that’s all for today. I hope the content of this article can be helpful to you. In fact, for testers who want to be promoted and raised, the only shortcut is to learn to improve themselves. Next, I’ll give you some benefits for interested friendsGo to the window and download it yourself 

Let’s give you a word of encouragement: when our ability is insufficient, the first thing to do is internal practice! When our ability is strong enough, we can look outside!