What are the differences among low code, zero code and no code in application development?


With the advent of the information age, the demand of enterprises for information technology has greatly increased, and the traditional software development methods have been unable to meet the needs of enterprise information in the new era.

In this context, agile development platform has entered people’s field of vision. Agile development platform is actually a general term, which can be divided into two kinds, one is low code platform that needs to write a small amount of code, the other is zero code platform that does not need any programming at all. So, which is more suitable for developing enterprise management software, low code or zero code platform? What’s the difference between them?

What are the differences among low code, zero code and no code in application development?

Low code development

Low code developers can quickly generate applications by writing a small amount of code. Data modeling, view construction, report generation are relatively standardized development process visualization, so as to eliminate more code development requirements.

However, it still serves the developer market. Even if an application only needs 20 lines of code, it also needs the participation of programmers. Therefore, low code platform can improve the efficiency of developers, but it is difficult to change the basic process of software development and the needs of personnel composition. In short, in the use of low code platform, the requirement provider and the implementer are still separated.

What are the differences among low code, zero code and no code in application development?

Zero code development

Zero code development is built for ordinary developers who don’t know and don’t need to know any actual programming language to develop applications.

Therefore, it is for all developers. As long as they know enough about business requirements and can list all requirements, they can convert Excel files into online requirements without resorting to software developers, and then quickly build applications on demand by dragging and dropping. This zero code development method not only saves the labor cost, but also shortens the distance between the demander and the implementer.

What are the differences among low code, zero code and no code in application development?

In short, the only difference between low code and zero code platforms is whether developers are required to have the ability to program.

For professional developers, whether using low code platform or using zero code platform for software development, can greatly improve the efficiency of development.

For business personnel who don’t know how to program, or an enterprise that doesn’t have any programmers and requires the business team to develop the system independently, the zero code platform is the best choice.

For ordinary people who can’t program at all, using zero code development platform can achieve zero code development, as long as they learn some simple platform operation, which is especially suitable for some enterprise employees who have no technical ability.

Because programmers often have the problem of lack of business logic, if the business personnel develop directly, this problem will not exist at all. When the business requirements change in the development process, the business personnel can quickly modify according to the requirements, and do not need to communicate with the programmer back and forth like the traditional development.

What are the differences among low code, zero code and no code in application development?

In fact, both low code development platform and 0 code development platform have the ability to develop large enterprise management system. Only choose 0 code platform to optimize resource allocation and save manpower and material cost.

Since the development of 0 code platform, especially in recent five years, large consortia such as Alibaba group have begun to invest in 0 code development. Jiding technology independently develops j2paas low code test platform, which is the first domestic “parametric” development. It brings the dual development mode of “low code” + “coding free” into the field of software application development, and has won the national invention patent.

Using j2paas platform can quickly develop OA office system, ERP logistics management system, HR human resource management system and so on. J2paas platform also supports one click conversion from PC to mobile app.

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