What are the differences among BPM, OA and ERP?


What is BPM?

BPM (Business Process Management) is the only way for the development of enterprise informatization. Through the software of “BPM”, it can not only sort out and optimize the existing operation process, but also make it easier for enterprises to expand new business and realize refined operation.

What are the differences among BPM, OA and ERP?

What is OA?

OA (office automation), is the use of computers or mobile phones and other mobile terminals for office. The purpose is to improve office efficiency, reduce office processes, reduce office costs, improve enterprise management level, so that enterprises can effectively achieve workflow automation.

What are the differences among BPM, OA and ERP?

What is ERP?

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is an enterprise management software integrating material resource management, human resource management, financial resource management and information resource management. It integrates all the internal resources of an enterprise and plans the procurement, production, cost, inventory, distribution, transportation, finance and human resources, so as to achieve the best combination of resources and bring benefits to the enterprise.

What are the differences among BPM, OA and ERP?

What’s the difference between the three?

1、 Different management orientation

The core of BPM is business process, the process connection and data transmission between departments, and the division of labor among functional personnel is clear.

OA mainly deals with some relatively simple office processes, such as administrative management, personnel management, target management, etc.

ERP system is the application system for the internal management of enterprises, mainly refers to the core modules of finance, logistics, human resources and so on.

2、 Different functional modules

BPM provides hundreds of business functions, which can customize more efficient business process modeling according to the company’s needs, and realize automatic process execution, visual process supervision, automatic generation of various reports, etc.

OA is oriented by management by objectives and provides comprehensive management for administration, personnel, finance and information knowledge;

ERP system function module is relatively limited, only to manage part of the company’s internal business;

3、 The scope of implementation is different

BPM is a set of management mode to achieve the integration of various business links of enterprises, and realize the comprehensive process management across departments, regions and businesses.

OA is mainly around the Department, and the process is relatively simple. It is usually a relatively linear and isolated process in which employees directly conduct leadership approval after application.

ERP system takes the business functional department of the enterprise as the core.

What are the differences among BPM, OA and ERP?

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