What are the core functions of medical care ERP management system?


The development of healthcare ERP has helped improve multiple operations and increase the productivity and performance required for different processes performed in fast-paced healthcare facilities.

With ERP software for healthcare, hospitals and other healthcare providers can improve operational efficiency, reduce costs and labor costs, and improve communication between healthcare professionals and employees. Health care ERP system enables real-time flow of information between departments, and instant access to accurate information may be a life and death issue for patients.

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The development of retail ERP system has the following core functions:

Powerful user patient database

With a rich patient database, healthcare providers can access all the necessary information related to doctors, patients and employees to effectively conduct business and information tracking.

booking system

The appointment system provides patients with an effective doctor appointment function, and allows the medical and health care enterprises to effectively schedule and allocate work capacity.

Financial accounting system

The financial account system in healthcare ERP helps to gain visibility into all financial processes and transactions within a healthcare organization. In addition to strengthening financial discipline, it also helps to plan budgets for the next few years.

Doctor and patient worktable

The doctor and patient workbench is a fully automated platform with all the necessary schedules, past and future visit dates, calendars, and medical instructions used by doctors and patients. It is helpful for any medical staff to quickly understand the patient’s condition before diagnosis.

Patient billing system

Patient billing system can help healthcare providers easily calculate fees, fees, expenses, taxes and generate real-time bills.

Font Office

The front desk management system in healthcare ERP is a special module, which can help administrators control different processes, such as physical examination, patient treatment, doctor examination and many other things.

Synchronous reporting and automation system

With this system, healthcare providers can extract multiple reports in one system without the need for employees to maintain files independently.

Online information program

The online information system provides data related to the medical services provided to doctors and patients.

Equipment maintenance system

The equipment maintenance system in healthcare ERP helps to maintain conditions, warranty and availability of instruments for different medical procedures.

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