What are the Chinese and English switch keys in Apple system? How to change the shortcut key setting method


Apple computer is used by many small partners. The computer is apple system. Many operations are different from the win system. Some partners want to switch between Chinese and English. What are the Chinese and English switch keys in Apple system? Let me introduce them to you.

Apple system Chinese and English switch key

Apple system Chinese and English switch key is the keyboard command + space bar.

Change shortcut key setting method

1. Click the input method icon on the menu to open the language and text preferences;

2. Select the input source tab and click the keyboard shortcut on the right;

3. Select the keyboard and text input on the left, and select the previous input source on the right.

Shortcut key

Switch to simplified Pinyin input methodControl-Shift-P

Switch to simplified double spelling input method control-shift-s

Switch to five pen input methodControl-Shift-W

Switch to stroke inputControl-Shift-H

Open the handwriting input window (if there is a touchpad)Control shift space bar

Open punctuation windowOption-Shift-B

Show structural candidatesShift space bar

Open the text expressions and symbols windowShift-6

Delete the selected memory wordShift-Delete

Find input codeOption-Shift-L

Convert simplified Chinese text to traditional Chinese textControl-Shift-Command-C    For this shortcut to work properly, you must enable the app’s Chinese translation service. From the app menu on the menu bar, select services > service preferences, scroll through the options on the right until you see text, and then make sure the convert text service check box is selected.

Use half angle punctuationOption-Shift-H

Open input method help option-shift-e

The above is the small editor for you to bring the apple system Chinese and English switch key, I hope to help you, more content please continue to pay attention to developeppaer.