What are the advantages of WordPress


Have you decided what software to use to build your new company website? Still think WordPress is just a blog? There are about 20% of WordPress sites on the Internet, but you may be surprised to find that less than half of them are actually “blogs”. Next, let’s get to know with the editor what are the advantages of selecting WordPress to build a station.



WordPress is a publishing platform.

WordPress is not only used to publish posts, it also provides many functions, such as WYSWYG content editing, preview, classification, tags, password protection and page modification. This is used for content management, not just for articles. For corporate websites, we recommend a fully customized landing page. It’s best to open your “reading” settings and switch to the static homepage. If you’re not ready to provide “news” or “blog” sections on your website, you can even simply disable them completely.

WordPress is secure and easy to update.

When a vulnerability is found in WordPress, it will be dealt with professionally and promptly. The repair function can be automatically applied to your website, so you can rest assured that you can take a vacation because you know that your website will be handled well. In addition, WordPress provides a simple one-click update of new versions of software, as well as installation of plug-ins or themes. WordPress Host 91 (http://www.zhuji91.com) specially optimizes the operating environment of WordPress, supports one-click installation, and helps you build a station quickly.

Easy to manage content.

By default, WordPress provides flexible management, editing, and authorship roles that make it easy to gradually train new employees on how to write new content and manage existing pages and articles in a professional manner. A complete content review process can be configured to ensure that articles cannot be published without authorization. The management panel is easy to use, even for new employees.

WordPress is highly scalable and customizable.

Whatever industry you work in, WordPress will provide you with a professional theme. We recommend looking at some perfectly supported themes from the Mojo market. There are thousands of free themes on WordPress. org for many small businesses. WordPress is targeted at search engine optimization, but it is still possible to expand further to support a variety of functions and plug-ins. Other features that plug-ins already exist, you may also need to include social media integration, selling products, building online communities, adding site analysis, event registration and tracking, and anything else you do.

Functions that can be imagined. Most importantly, plug-ins are free.

WordPress grew up with you

It is well known that even websites like the New York Times and CNN use WordPress. No matter how big your company’s growth is, you don’t have to worry about spending a lot of money on expensive software, because WordPress is perfectly applicable.

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