What are the advantages of Huawei cloud agent? Discount, commission return and service!


As we all know, Huawei’s channels are very good. Huawei cloud has inherited this gene, developed a national channel network and has a complete channel service system.
What are the advantages of Huawei cloud agent? Discount, commission return and service!
If you want to buy Huawei cloud and want to enjoy a discount or commission, you can contact me by private letter. We are Sichuan Aoshen smart technology, a strategic partner of Huawei cloud sales support center and a 100 million yuan partner. We have high-level permissions and high discounts, and there is more room for operation.

As a customer, you can save about 20% of the cost every year by placing an order through our Huawei cloud agent. Therefore, the existence of Huawei cloud server agent actually plays a positive role in a certain sense. It can accelerate the development of domestic enterprises on the cloud.

At present, Huawei cloud agents in China are uneven, ranging from hundreds of thousands of annual sales to hundreds of millions of annual sales.

As a customer, you should consider the following points when choosing an agent:

1. Annual sales volume of Huawei cloud agents.

2. Huawei cloud agent level.

3. The ability of Huawei cloud agents to advance funds.

The above are the main factors that determine your choice of Huawei cloud agent. We have high annual sales volume, high level and strong fund advance ability to ensure that your business can be done with confidence. And there is a stable after-sales team, which is more trustworthy.

Basically, if we cooperate with Huawei cloud, we can give an ultra-low discount. If your volume is relatively large, the points can be negotiated again.

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