What additional updates have MacOS 10.15.6 introduced


As you all know, apple today released another supplemental update to Mac OS 10.15.6, which includes performance improvements and bug fixes. Specifically, this update solves the WiFi and icloud issues reported by some users, so please don’t miss it.

Apple released its latest Mac OS 10.15.6 supplemental update in August, which it released today. Today’s update includes a fix for icloud drive issues, which prevent files from being synchronized correctly, and also address an error that prevents the MAC from automatically connecting to the WiFi network.

Users can go to System Preferences > software updates to check if updates are available.

It house understands that the release of MacOS 10.15.6 is a supplemental update to build 19g2531. It’s worth noting that it appears in the distribution channel on Apple Developer’s website, but it has a beta suffix in “System Preferences” of the beta version of Catalina.

It’s not clear whether Apple accidentally marked it as a public offering, or whether it was just slowly rolling out to non beta users.

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