What about the failure of Visual Studio installation? Four solutions to the failure of Visual Studio installation


Visual Studio always fails to install. How can we solve this problem? Today we will introduce four solutions.

Software Name:
Visual Studio Flagship 2015 Official Latest Edition
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Always prompt when installing Visual StudioTeam Explorer ErrorAs shown in the figure below.

I. Upgrade IE Browser

First, upgrade IE browser to IE10.

2. Delete Residual Visual Studio Programs

Open the control panel and clickProgram and Functional Options

Select the Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2015 option.Click the Change button.

After the installation interface appears, selectUninstall options

Upgrade all system patches

Open 360 browser,Select the system repair option.

Click on a single repair option and select from the drop-down menuBug repair。 (Note: Vulnerability repair should be tried several times)

4. Delete files in PackageCache

Open ProgramDate in C Disk – –>Package Cache folderNote: This folder is a hidden folder.


Select all files in the folder and right-click to delete.

These are four solutions to the failure of the installation of vs. I hope you like them. Please continue to pay attention to developpaer.

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