What about kb4566782 blue screen of win10 system? Win10 blue screen solution


What about kb4566782 blue screen of win10 system?Many friends upgraded the kb4566782 patch in June, but some friends made a blue screen crash or even a green screen crash when using it. Today, Xiaobian brought you the blue screen solution of win10 system kb4566782. Interested friends, come and have a look.

Solution of kb4566782 blue screen in win10 system

1. It is recommended that users uninstall recent updates and then wait for new fixes.

2. After uninstallation, go to the system update interface to pause the update to avoid the automatic check for updates after uninstallation.

3. Update BIOS, motherboard chipset driver.

4. Turn off the computer, pull out the memory module and wipe the metal strip with an eraser.

5. Clean up your motherboard, too much dust will also cause this problem.

6. If not, it is recommended to replace the memory module.

The above is all the contents of “what to do with kb4566782 blue screen of win10 system and win10 blue screen solutions” shared by developeppaer. I hope it can help you,developpaerContinue to release more information, welcome your attention.

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