Wgcloud: a Linux open source monitoring system


Based on Java language, wgcloud is a microservice architecture based monitoring system, which supports high concurrency, high performance and high availability. The core modules include: server cluster monitoring, ES cluster status monitoring, CPU monitoring, memory monitoring, data monitoring, service heartbeat detection, application process management, disk IO monitoring, system load monitoring, monitoring alarm information push.

comparisonzabbixFor other monitoring systems, the installation of wgloud is very simple. The website has complete installation steps. Of course, it is in Chinese, because this is written by Chinese people.

Secondary development is also easy. The overall architecture is springboot and bootstrap. The architecture is very lightweight. It is implemented by microservice architecture. Remember to abide by the open source agreement, students.


website www.wgstart.com Sometimes the speed of downloading installation package is not stable. Put a download link of Baidu network disk, https://pan.baidu.com/s/1L0yxDBjnvcgR6sqjoPFxLw 。

Wgcloud: a Linux open source monitoring system