well! Do you want to have a romantic date with the shining “China Star”?


these two days

“Shenzhou 12 successfully returned”

The news blew up the Internet

Three astronauts successfully rushed back to earth for the Mid Autumn Festival

In the same jubilation as everyone else

Xiaobian, who loves learning, secretly made up some lessons

Only then did I know that this “business trip trio”

Shoulder a major task

Completed the construction of the Chinese space station

Long term residence test

The key technologies are verified

It can be said that the core mission of Shenzhou 12

Is around

China Space Station

Speaking of China Space Station

It really makes Chinese people involuntarily proud!

China is after Russia

The second in the world

With the power of one country

A country that has completed the construction of the space station alone!

The orbital height of the Chinese space station is about 400 kilometers

It moves around the earth at a speed of 7.8 km / s

Maybe what many people didn’t expect is

In the clear night sky

You can even see its trajectory with the naked eye

Like a meteor across the sky!
well! Do you want to have a romantic date with the shining
Picture from: Tencent video

Speaking of this

Can’t wait

Want to see this “China Star”?

Don’t worry! Xiaobian can say it responsibly

If you casually find a night

Look casually in one direction

Nine times out of ten they will return disappointed

Because the Chinese space station orbits the earth every 90 minutes

The average time of passing over China is 3-6 minutes

And according to the geographical location of the observer

The observation azimuth and pitch angle will be different


Find the right time
Find the right angle

Is an encounter

We shine the correct posture of “China Star”!

So here comes the question…!

How can I get this information?

Here, Xiaobian must give

We strongly believe that Amway

Astronomy applet


It was published by the people’s daily and Xinhua news agency

Such as the central media recommended Oh!

Astronomy through the home page of the applet

There is a function

“Transit forecast of China Space Station”

well! Do you want to have a romantic date with the shining

Click in to see

Very detailed transit forecast of China space station, including

Date, start and end time, orientation, altitude, brightness, etc

well! Do you want to have a romantic date with the shining

A careful partner may notice

This applet displays the map


Tencent location service

ProvidedMap components

When getting the user’s geographic location

It uses Tencent location service

locationandInverse address resolutionfunction

In addition, when choosing a location

It also uses Tencent location serviceMap point selectionfunction

well! Do you want to have a romantic date with the shining

in fact

Tencent location service has been providing

Wechat and applet ecology provide underlying map capability support

Map service developed based on Tencent location service

**The combination with wechat applet is natural
The user experience is also the most smooth**

So it’s not difficult to understand why

“Tiantiantong” such an excellent small program

Tencent location service will be the first choice for map development.

At present, Tencent location service has

For applet developers

A complete product system

From service API, basic map component

Personalized layer, applet plug-in

Industry solutions and other services

Applet developers with different scenario requirements

In the future, we look forward to working for more like

Provided by small programs such as “tiantiantong”

Solid and reliable capability support

Help all developer partners

Just like “China Star”, it shines in the starry sky of all walks of life!

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