Wei’an weekly: Issue 2 (December 13, 2019)


Today is the national memorial day to commemorate the victims of the Nanjing Massacre and all the compatriots killed by the Japanese aggressors during the Japanese War of aggression against China.

Please have a moment of silence

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Wei'an weekly: Issue 2 (December 13, 2019)

Cover: December 13, National Memorial Day for the victims of Nanjing Massacre


Recently, while having lunch in the canteen, I heard CCTV news 30 minutes broadcast the news that “the United States will launch a 301 investigation into the collection of digital tax in France”. Digital tax will be levied on Internet enterprises with an annual business income of more than 750 million euros or an annual business income of more than 25 million euros in France. The tax rate is 3%.

First of all, I think it’s incredible: does the digital world have to pay taxes? Pointing to the news and talking with Sabrina with a smile, maybe in the future, we will pay taxes when we buy stewed chicken with mobile phones. Sabrina rolled her eyes at me and asked, “don’t you pay tax now? The drumsticks in my hand are not fragrant all of a sudden.

Wei'an weekly: Issue 2 (December 13, 2019)

Yes, everything in our lives, from cars and airplanes to soybeans and rice. Most of them are imported, there are taxes, and they are affected by trade.

According to the import and export volume and growth of all countries in the world in 2018 announced by the WTO this year:

ranking Imports (trillion) Export (trillion) Total amount (trillion)
first USA (2.614) China (2.487) China (4.632)
second China (2.136) USA (1.664) USA (4.278)
third Germany (1.286) Germany (1.561) Germany (2.847)

Ranking table of world import and export volume in 2018 (top three)

Compared with the United States, China’s import gap is only 0.478 trillion, while the export gap is 0.823 trillion. It’s almost twice as much as imports. This not only shows that China is becoming more and more powerful, but also shows that great changes have taken place in the world trade system. It is not difficult to understand why global populism is rising and trade protectionism is rampant. Because there are many people in the world who want to get off the bus. They are not enjoying the benefits of globalization. For example: Auto Workers in Detroit.

This time, France’s collection of digital service tax on Internet companies deserves the attention of every Internet user and even netizen. It’s very simple. In the past, most trade wars were based on the collection of tariffs in the form of goods. Now, not only France but also the European Union are studying, promulgating and formulating relevant laws in the field of Internet and digital. For companies that provide Internet services in their territory or for citizens of European Union countries, they will collect digital taxes, more stringent user data inspection, and protect user privacy, Trade wars have invaded the virtual digital world.

For Internet users, to develop an application in the future is not only experience and demand, but also security and privacy will become indispensable and even very important considerations.

For companies, it may be necessary to add some new posts such as application security or privacy product manager, and pay more attention to the policies and regulations of various countries for Internet companies.

For users, the free internet service may be far less than the charged Internet service, with better experience, more security and more attention to data privacy. And some services, will not be free to experience.

We should not turn a blind eye to something that is close at hand



  • 2.7 billion e-mail data leaked, including the e-mails of many domestic large factories: comparitech found an elasticsearch database with data leakage, including 2.7 billion e-mail addresses.

Science and Technology News

  • Apple and Google announce their best apps in 2019: practical application users have high willingness to pay, and AI blessing applications account for the majority.
  • The color version of the Kindle may not be far awayE-Link has released two new technologies for color e-paper.
  • Breakthrough in graphene research! Discovery of magic angle superconducting switchMagic angle can control the switch of graphene superconductivity and reveal the possibility of future chip architecture.

Finance and Economics

  • Saudi Aramco goes public: to create the largest IPO in the world and become the company with the highest market value in the world.
  • Next decade, digital economyThe digital economy will affect the macro-economic pattern, including macro policies and large categories of assets.

Start a business

  • Brief history of crypto exchangeObjective: to have a glimpse of the evolution of the most powerful organization in the blockchain industry.
  • Survival Guide for software engineersEven a person should live as a team.


  • How does airbnb migrate most APIs to graphql: airbnb launched an application based on Apollo and graphql, which is 100% type safe, without over crawling, and can keep the website running normally in every stage of the whole migration process.
  • Nine top Java frameworks in 2020I didn’t expect that hibernate and struts are still young.

Open source project

  • Game-Programmer-Study-Note: involving graphics, real-time rendering, programming practice, GPU Programming, design patterns, software engineering, etc. Keep Reading , Keep Writing , Keep Coding。
  • WaterfallGrid: Waterfall grid layout view of swiftui.
  • WatchADDomain security intrusion awareness system: watchad domain security intrusion awareness system.
  • react-interactive-paycard: excellent credit card form with smooth and sweet micro interaction.


  • BiliBili releases annual barrageAwsl (ah, I’m dead) became the annual barrage, 3.29 million times.
  • Report on female programmers in 2019: most people master C, Java and C +: although it is a foreign survey, it also shows that the efforts of female programmers are no less than that of male programmers.


2.7 billion e-mail data leaked, including the e-mails of many domestic large factories

Wei'an weekly: Issue 2 (December 13, 2019)

I think data leakage is nothing new. Almost every year, big factories are exposed to leak data. But why put it in the trend? Because, the way of data leakage and the consequences that should be borne have changed greatly. In the past, most of the data was obtained by hackers pulling, hitting and hacking into the server. Now, the Internet is full of open access, or weak password database. Students who have a little snack and can use some related tools can freely obtain private data on the Internet. I don’t know how many tools are available on GitHub to scan GitHub, gitee and other open source project management websites.

Our company once had such a thing, interns package and upload the company code to their GitHub, and the code contains a lot of sensitive cloud service configuration information. Finally, it was swept out by the cloud service provider, and sent a major accident email to the boss of the operation and maintenance department late at night. That night, everyone was called again. As for how to deal with interns, I haven’t seen him next week. Later, listening to the interns of the same period, the boy went back to his hometown.

Therefore, in the era of cloud computing, most of the application services are almost on the cloud, and most of the cloud manufacturers will provide one click security tools, as well as very timely updates to repair various vulnerabilities. The probability of the server being broken is much lower than that of the company’s own server maintenance. Therefore, data leakage is mostly caused by improper operation. For example: for the convenience of debugging, open the database access rights of cloud service providers to any IP and any user.

Accordingly, improper operation leads to data leakage. In the past, the company may make an apology and fire the relevant personnel at most, but now with the improvement of the national laws and regulations on information security and personal privacy. The leakage of major personal privacy data caused by operational errors may also lead to the civil and criminal liabilities of the company and individuals.

From another point of view, data for a company is assets, and data leakage, in a sense, is the outflow of company assets. And it may have an unpredictable impact on the business.

Therefore, the focus on data and privacy security must be a trend in the future. Of course, the future is not yet coming. As individual users, how can we protect our data as much as possible? Please click

Science and Technology News

Apple and Google announce their best apps in 2019

Wei'an weekly: Issue 2 (December 13, 2019)

Apple’s best app in 2019

  • IPhone app of the year: spectre camera, based on AI technology, helps you capture the beauty of fleeting actions.
  • IPad app of the year: flow, which extends the elegant experience of writing and painting with Moleskine’s traditional notebook to your screen.
  • Mac app of the year: affinity publisher, a powerful authoring tool that allows beginners to design beautiful layouts.
  • Iphone game of the year: light · encounter, few games can convey the touch of exploration, flight and hand in hand like it.
  • The annual iPad game: Hyper light driver, with gorgeous effects and wonderful fighting scenes, makes the classic pixel adventure shine brilliantly.
  • The MAC game of the year: Gris, this quiet and exquisite platform puzzle game, tells a moving story of recovering oneself after suffering.
  • Apple arcade game of the year: sayonara wild hearts, a music game developed by simogo, an independent Swedish game studio.

Wei'an weekly: Issue 2 (December 13, 2019)

Google App of the year 2019

  • App of the year: ablo, a cross-border dating app. Users can use ablo to connect with people from all over the world and have one-on-one communication. It can be translated in real time, so voice is no longer a barrier to making friends.
  • The most popular app of the year: video editor, which is a video player with the “fault art” style.
  • Life helper of the year app:

    • Curio (news magazine)
    • Endel (health and fitness)
    • Post it (business office)
    • Boosted (business office)
    • Apply weather
  • The most potential app of the year:

    • Miss (shopping)
    • Mashapp (SOCIAL)
    • Melody VR (Music)
    • Big bang AR (entertainment)
    • Hipcamp camping app (travel and travel)
  • Game of the year and game of the year: Call of duty
  • Game of the year:

    • Fighting in the wilderness
    • Tacticool
    • Thunder Star Football
    • Call of duty (mobile version)
    • Tennis Clash:3D Sports
  • Indie game of the year:

    • Aircraft (action)
    • Chucel (adventure and action)
    • Grimvalor (action)
    • Stardew Valley (role play)
    • Tiny room Stories: Town mystery
  • Leisure game of the year:

    • Mario Kart Tour
    • Angry birds dream explosion
    • Diner DASH Adventures
    • Golf peaks
    • Vineyard Valley
  • The most innovative game of the year:

    • Minit (Adventure)
    • Legend of bow and arrow
    • Auto chess (Policy)
    • Assassin’s Creed: start a prairie fire (role play)
    • The Elder Scrolls: blades

The color version of the Kindle may not be far away

Wei'an weekly: Issue 2 (December 13, 2019)

E-Link released two new technologies of color e-paper: printed color e-paper and advanced color e-paper (ACEP). Among them, printed color e-paper has a greater relationship with ordinary consumers, because this kind of color e-paper can finally be used in e-book readers.

Breakthrough in graphene research! Discovery of magic angle superconducting switch

This research may completely solve the problem of chip heating, so as to greatly improve the performance of the chip. On October 30, 2019, Nature magazine published a joint study on graphene materials by Chinese, American and Japanese scientists. When there is a special angle of 1.1 degree between the two layers of single atom graphene, superconducting and insulating regions will appear alternately between the two graphene layers. More importantly, through a voltage change, we can control the opening and closing of the superconducting phenomenon.

If we master this technology, we can use it as a new chip principle to form a logic switch array by changing the voltage.

At that time, a chip without heat dissipation problem will be so attractive.

Start a business

Survival Guide for software engineers

Wei'an weekly: Issue 2 (December 13, 2019)

I found that the more Internet engineers who have worked in a company for a long time, the better their knowledge structure, behavior, cognitive mentality and technical skills. They are gradually moving closer to the company, becoming more and more solidified, as if everything is adapting to the needs of the company and the colleagues around.

However, in modern society, there is rarely a company that can let you go from just leaving university and working to your grandson just leaving university. Even if you use it, the chance of you meeting it is very low. Therefore, I think, as an adult, if you want to live a stable life, first of all, you have to find out what the “hidden rules” of your occupation are. Then we talk about transformation, and then we talk about interdisciplinary collaboration.

Brief history of crypto exchange: a glimpse of the evolution of the most powerful organization in blockchain industry

Wei'an weekly: Issue 2 (December 13, 2019)

In the future digital economy, digital currency will not be absent, whether it is a variety of money fraud ICO, or the real project that can solve the problem. The digital currency exchange can not be bypassed. If we want to realize the circular value of digital currency quickly and healthily, it is a shortcut to be listed on the exchange. Therefore, combing the brief history of the exchange from the beginning to the end, whether engaged in the digital currency industry or not, is a good enlightenment for us Internet people.

Finance and Economics

Saudi Aramco goes public

Wei'an weekly: Issue 2 (December 13, 2019)

Saudi Aramco shares began trading on the Saudi domestic stock exchange on Wednesday (December 11). The opening price of the shares rose by 10% to 35.2 Riyal, reaching the daily upper limit. The share price of 35.2 Riyal also made the company’s market value reach $1.88 trillion.

The listing of Saudi Aramco means that in order to develop a diversified industrial economy, Saudi Arabia sells 5% of its shares in exchange for us $100 billion, thus promoting the transformation of industrial structure in the non energy field.

Next decade, digital economy

Wei'an weekly: Issue 2 (December 13, 2019)

In the decade after 2000, the biggest economic dividend is population.; In the decade after 2010, the biggest economic dividends were real estate and finance. In the next 10 years, with the acceleration of population aging and the tightening of fiscal and monetary policies. The demographic, real estate and financial dividends will slowly ebb. It may be the digital economy that surges back to the top of the wave.

Open source project


Wei'an weekly: Issue 2 (December 13, 2019)

Enhanced version of the game blog. It involves graphics, real-time rendering, programming practice, GPU Programming, design pattern, software engineering and so on. Keep Reading , Keep Writing , Keep Coding。

Waterfallgrid: the waterfall grid layout view of swiftui.

Wei'an weekly: Issue 2 (December 13, 2019)

A beautiful waterfall grid layout view of swiftui.

Watchad domain security intrusion awareness system: watchad domain security intrusion awareness system.

Wei'an weekly: Issue 2 (December 13, 2019)

Domain security intrusion awareness system: watchad domain security intrusion awareness system. 360 has been deployed in-house, which is very interesting.

React interactive paycard: excellent credit card form with smooth and sweet micro interaction.

Wei'an weekly: Issue 2 (December 13, 2019)

A very nice credit card form with smooth and sweet micro interaction.


BiliBili releases annual barrage

Wei'an weekly: Issue 2 (December 13, 2019)

This year’s station B annual barrage “awsl”, equivalent to last year’s “real”, the year before last year’s “zhe”. It has become more and more a circle culture. Become a special symbol of young people who love B station. In a word: in order to build a base for station B, video content may be inserted into weekly newspapers in the future. PS: a lot of awsl barrages have been launched for Ann=

Female programmer report in 2019: most people master C, Java and C + +

Female programmers are the apple of every company’s eye. When I read this article, my first thought is to recommend it to those new people so that they can give priority to these kinds of programming languages when they choose programming languages. Maybe it’s much better to find a female ticket than those who turn their eyes when they go to the base.

Summary for safety

In the future, careful readers may find that the technology module is only available in the first issue, but not in the next 1000 issues. Because for an, I have no time to make the second issue of Wei’an weekly. The technical module is about to open the window, so I cut it off. Ha ha ha. In fact, this week, I have been thinking about the core vision for an weekly. That is: a weekly that provides cognitive services beyond technology for technical people.

So why keep open source project modules? Isn’t open source project technology? Wei An believes that although open source projects are also technologies, they are not only technologies. Open source projects are more “works” of global technicians working together, exchanging and learning from each other. Although it can also increase the technical ability, it can not be ignored in terms of broadening horizons and communication. Therefore, keep the open source project module.

A contemptuous disregard for the development of Tucao times is often make complaints about Sabrina. Yes, history can’t be achieved overnight, and opportunities can’t be found just around the corner.

Small changes on the time axis will gradually accumulate into epoch-making changes.