Weekly geek sharing October 2019 – week 5


Weekly geek sharing October 2019 – week 5

1. Mr. Zhang Xiaoyu has a feeling. He said: in almost any field, the level gap between top players and excellent players is actually greater than that between excellent players and ordinary players, and it is much larger.
What do you mean? For example, a Nobel Prize winner is a top player; a University doctoral professor is an excellent player; a new undergraduate student is an ordinary player. It is not difficult for a college student to become a doctoral Professor, but it is more difficult for a doctoral professor to win the Nobel Prize.
Why? Ordinary players grow into excellent players, that is a fixed path and routines, the experience of predecessors is very useful. But to become a top player, the next step is much more dangerous and requires more uncertain knowledge and talent in other fields.
So, if someone asks you later, what’s the use of learning something you don’t need? We can tell him that if you just want to be a good player, it really doesn’t work. Those are for top players. You can do it yourself.

theoretical basis

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web front end

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programing language

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Operation and maintenance architecture

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Career life

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big data

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product design

Using GeekShare to export official account without charge