Wechat widget swiper to realize the effect of text vertical rotation prompt



There is always a scrolling notice bar at the top of the applet. Generally, a single item will be implemented with a running lamp. However, in the face of multiple items, it needs to be implemented with a round robin. The round robin is naturally a swiper. After checking, it really has the attribute of vertical. Swiper is very useful.







 <swiper vertical="true" autoplay="true" circular="true" interval="2000">
  <block wx:for="{{msgList}}">


 display: flex;
 flex-direction: row;
 justify-content: center;
 align-items: center;
 border-radius: 5rpx;
 background: tomato

.swiper_container {
 height: 50rpx;
 width: 90%;

.swiper_item {
 height: 50rpx;
 width: 90%;
 font-size: 26rpx;
 white-space: nowrap;
 display: flex;
 flex-direction: row;
 justify-content: center;
 align-items: center;
 color: white

 data: {
  msgList: [
   {Title: "circle of friends"},
   {Title: "article"},
   {Title: "public"},
   {Title: "applet"},
   {Title: "music"},
   {Title: "expression"},
   {Title: "subscription number"}]


The above is the wechat widget swiper introduced by Xiaobian to you to realize the text vertical rotation prompt effect, hoping to help you. If you have any questions, please leave a message to me, and Xiaobian will reply to you in time. Thank you very much for your support of the developepaer website!
If you think this article is helpful to you, welcome to reprint, please indicate the source, thank you!

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