Wechat mall system based on go language and wechat applet development


A door I recorded recentlySystem prototype of golang wechat app wechat mall, this free course is especially suitable for college students or just graduated students, go language beginners and partners who want to start micro mall development projects. In the course, I not only analyze the project from the perspective of mall, but also analyze the actual combat from the perspective of product, which is interspersed with the design of database table association relationship. After learning this course, I can have a deep understanding of each business process of the micro mall system.  

Of course, it is particularly important to say that this set of courses is an introductory basic course for micro mall, which can be omitted for programming masters. Of course, if you are interested in product prototype design, you can also learn and communicate with each other.

Generally speaking, moocnet has strict requirements for lecturers. It has been half a year since the application for becoming a lecturer to the online recording of the course. It is indeed a great challenge for the lecturer, whether in patience or in professional technology.

Direct link: https://www.imooc.com/learn/1151

Chapter 1 course introduction and guidance

The content of this chapter gives a general overview of the course, analyzes the market development prospect of wechat mall based on wechat applet and the situation of employees, and explains the learning process of the course.

1-1 course introduction and guidance (07:17)

Chapter 2 back end of golang micro mall

Micro mall related back-end knowledge, mainly explain the go language concurrent programming process, channels, and their communication, the solution to oversold goods, the database design of micro mall, the logic analysis of shopping cart and order placing, the optimization method of goods on sale, and the principle of order decoupling in the mall.

2-1 overview of front end technology of micro Mall (14:59)

2-2 oversold in micro Mall (13:15)

2-3 wechat business database design analysis (05:49)

2-4 practice of shopping cart and order in micro Mall (01:07)

Optimization of goods on sale in 2-5 micro mall based on redis (02:02)

2-6 order placement in micro mall based on MQ decoupling (03:48)

Chapter 3 interface design of micro mall

Combined with the product prototype diagram design tool, this paper explains the page layout of the micro mall system, mainly including mall home page, classification, commodity list page, commodity details page, adding shopping cart page, leading to payment page and personal center page.

3-1 3. Process analysis of wechat business prototype diagram (07:42)

Chapter 4 front end of wechat mall based on wechat applet

Quickly explain the knowledge of the small program, and analyze the small program code of the system page of the micro mall, and realize the server interface of the micro mall system.

4-1 overview of front end front end technology of micro Mall (05:33)

Quick introduction of 4-2 small program (12:11)

4-3 small program combined with golang to realize simple wechat mall page (18:48)

4-4 small program combined with golang to realize simple wechat mall page (20:01)

Chapter 5 Summary of the course. Take you far away. ]

The content of this course is summarized, and the actual combat class will be carried out in the future.

5-1 course summary and subsequent extended course preview (02:05)


Here’s what I recordedSystem prototype of golang wechat app wechat mallCourse screenshot, welcome to learn and exchange.



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