Wechat applet code upload, audit and release applet


1. Open wechat developer tool

Administrator scan code – > fill in the project directory, appid (must be the registered appid) and project name of the applet


2. Modify the ID in app.js (the ID of the customer logging in to the background management system), and modify the navigation bar title in app.json



3. Configure legal domain name (Tools > project details > domain name information)



4. If the domain name has not been configured, please go to the wechat public platform and fill in the customer’s email and password when logging in (if the app has embedded H5 page, you also need to configure the business domain name)




5. Go to the background management system of the small program, modify the data, preview the small program by mobile phone, and check whether the background data is wrong with the small program data




6. If correct, upload the code



7. After successful upload, go to wechat public platform > login (customer’s account and password) > Development Management > submit for review


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