Webpack installation [practical]


I’m going to install webpack. I’ll do a tutorial by the way

Introduction to webpack

Concept: webpack is a static module bundler for modern JavaScript applications. When webpack processes an application, it recursively builds a dependency graph that contains each module the application needs, and then packages all of these modules into one or more bundles.

Webpack installation

NPM init return return return return return return return return

After typing NPM init in the command line, press enter until it fails

Webpack installation [practical]

npm install –sava-dev webpack

After input, just wait…
If you are idle, you can open the file directory
I watched it add documents

Webpack installation [practical]

Install plug-ins — go to the official website to copy (motherly smile)

Click it click it Chinese website:https://www.webpackjs.com

More Chinese documents (English is OK, anyway, I can’t understand them)
Webpack installation [practical]

Click the table of contents on the left

Webpack installation [practical]

Then create the required file in the command

Create a SRC folder and put an empty inder. HTML in it