Webassembly weekly report 0812


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Editor’s note: in the past week, we’ve seen a lot of news on serverless webassembly. New services, new framework, and new practical application of webassembly on server side! We have also seen further adoption of rust by start-ups and large companies.


A glimpse of rust function as a service and programmable Web

This new article describes how to deploy the rust function as a service (FAAS) in the webassembly virtual machine. This is an open source projectJoeyPreview of. High performance, stateful, secure and programmable through callbacks. Welcome to the programmable web!

Webassembly + openfaas, universal runtime of server free functions

At the EU 2020 serverless practitioners summit, Ramiro berrellez will show how to use openfaas and krustlet to run webassembly functions on kubernetes clusters. The online conference will be held on August 17, 2020. Check out hisdemocode.

Tutorial: DeNO app by webassembly, rust and Wasi

This article shows how to run a high-performance web assembly program in DeNO. The simple way is to compile the Rust function into a WebAssembly library function, and then call these library functions from Deno TypeScript. Another way is to compile the rust program into a stand-alone webassembly application, and then start the application using the DeNO command-line tool.

Recruiting: fast webassembly team looking for developers

Fastly is recruiting rust engineers to develop its server-side webassembly products!

Muze, using webassembly to create data visualization in browser

Muze is a free library for creating interpretive data visualization (such as tableau). Use webassembly to do this.


  1. The complex interactive visualization is constructed through composition layer.
  2. Use effective data operators to transform, visualize, and interact with data.
  3. Personalized interaction is defined by configuring physical behavior model and side effects.
  4. Use CSS to change the look and feel of the chart.
  5. Prepare a unique validation source for all your visualizations and interactions.
  6. By dispatching actions on demand, you can easily integrate with existing applications.
  7. Webassembly is used to process a large number of data sets to improve performance.

WebAssembly Calling Card (WACC)

Webassembly weekly report 0812

Beginners often feel crazy because the Hello world in webassembly is written with integers instead of strings. This kind of mood is very understandable. But the WACC project turned it into a “feature.”.

WACC is a simple web assembly program for visualizing integers, similar to “Hello world”, but more than can be achieved by Hello world, just as versatile as web assembly!

Webassembly in Google AI

The mediapipe team uses webassembly and xnnpack ml inference library to create a real-time mediapipe diagram in a web browser.

They use emscripten to compile c + + code into webassembly. Executing webassembly is usually much faster than pure JavaScript, but slower than native C +. In most mediapipe applications, xnnpack ml inference library achieves 2-3 times faster.

Mediapipe helps developers build world-class machine learning solutions and applications for mobile, edge, cloud and web.

Building multi player Reversi game on Internet computer

Webassembly weekly report 0812

Dfinity’s decentralized Internet computer is built on webassembly virtual machine. This article shows how to build a multiplayer game on Internet computer.

The back end of the game is written with MOTOKO and compiled into wasm bytecode. The front end of the GUI is built by JavaScript and Mithril. As a separate asset code set, it is directly stored in Internet computer and can be loaded into browser through game URL.

Tutorials and articles

Rust news

Why should qume move from C to rust

QEMU is a widely used open source virtualization application. In recent years, most of its security problems are caused by memory errors in C code. This leads to a debate about the memory security of C. This article puts forward a strong argument, that is, to rewrite QEMU with rust, so as to solve these problems once and for all.

1Password Linux release client preview version, built with rust + electron

In this version, the back end of 1Password is written entirely in rust. As a leading company in the field of security, 1Password chooses rust as the recognition of rust as a security system language.

Rust regex explained in PWA

Regex expressions or regular expressions are powerful, but they are hard to understand. The web application computes and interprets any regex expression and generates rust implementation code. Very practical!

Introducing bevy

Bevy is a refreshing and simple data-driven game engine. Bevy was written in rust and developed by Carter Anderson and many community contributors. Bevy is free and open source.

Devonddev, a website written by yew, rocket and diesel

On the devonddev website, you can find partners with programmers to improve your programming skills.

The website is completely written by rust

  • Rocket is used in the back end
  • Yew in UI
  • Disel is to map rust structures to Postgres

Meili raised 1.5 million euros for open source search written by rust

Meili from localglobe, seedcamp, Kima and Tiny.vc 1.5 million euros were raised. Meili’s product is an open source search engine meilisearch, written entirely in rust.


No display meets no server

At present, the trend of the combination of no display and no server has finally formed a new single-layer architecture of digital and friction free enterprise. It’s really a mouthful

Triggermesh debuts

Triggermesh is built on kubernetesLocal cloudIntegration platform, which releases an integration to connect non AWS event sources with AWS eventbridge. The integration extends the power of a modern, cloud based, serverless architecture to still run in the enterpriseData centerTask oriented applications in.

Webassembly weekly report 0812

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