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  1. How to build a minimized blockchain

Chinese translation of original link

@Cao s: the author of this article describes what kind of core modules a minimum available blockchain needs to have. The core idea is to improve the maintainability of the minimum blockchain by layering or isolating. I hope this article can give us some inspiration.

  1. Support for enabling wasm virtual machine in cosmos SDK


@Cao s: rust is going to dominate the world. If you are a rust developer, you can easily write smart contracts. These contracts can be uploaded to any chain based on Cosmos SDK that contains cosmwasm module.

You only need a little knowledge of golang.
You can start building on the cosmos SDK and easily integrate into the existing cosmos network.
You can extend your existing chain or application to the cosmos chain with minimal overhead.

  1. Running trust in browser


@Harry: Alan, a developer in Singapore, has submitted a pull request to the subject API client project. The purpose is to debug the rust code through the browser’s console. This function can replace some of the functions of polkadotjs, and you don’t have to wait for polkadotjs to be updated to get started. The specific way is to compile rust into wasm, and then load wasm into the browser. Please see the link for more information.

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