We hereby announce the first selected artist {and NFT works of “heco & Cross global artist selection program”


We hereby announce the first selected artist {and NFT works of

We hereby announce the first selected artist {and NFT works of
Since heco & Cross announced the “global artist selection plan”, it has solicited and won the registration of the first batch of global excellent artists. After selection, Chai Wentao, the first selected artist, was born. His four digital works will be used as the NFT auction works of the third issue of mystiy box of heco & Cross.

Chai Wentao is a famous pioneer artist in China. He used to be a landscape, architectural and interior designer. Recently, he also participated in the sustainable fashion micro film activity of ellex one ton plan. He presented an art static exhibition called “another friend”. He has carried out cross-border cooperation with urban revivo, skinnat, prodbldg and other brands. In addition, he has also worked in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou Individual exhibitions are held in Taipei and other places.
We hereby announce the first selected artist {and NFT works of

His works are good at expressing the most authentic state of painting by means of metaphor, and experiencing the existence of life. He has left clues in his paintings. These clues are color symbols, thought-provoking emoticons, and the directivity of naming, which forms a slogan with popular contemporary culture.

The NFT auction works of Mystery Box in the third issue of heco & Cross are Chai Wentao’s digital works “fig paradise”. The following is a brief introduction to NFT works of art. Interested users can go to the following link:


NFT work No. 1 Name: Fig

NFT Description: lush jungle, whirling green clothes, no flowers and fruits, this is another paradise hidden in the secret world.

NFT 2 Title: useless freshmen

NFT Description: pathfinding winding is almost a new crown, waiting for nirvana.

NFT work No. 3 Name: magical secret land

NFT Description: the fragments depict the mirror image of the city and pursue the strange elephant with a mysterious atmosphere, which comes from the ancient truth.

NFT work No. 4 Name: ideal

NFT Description: there is an ideal full of fantasy and fluctuates in time. The power of “hippie” follows the rhythm

Huobi heco & Cross is the first to launch the NFT section of encrypted works of art by taking encrypted works of art as the entrance. It has always adhered to originality and safeguarding copyright, and respected the rights and interests of each cross user and community member. Now it has launched the “100 million CVT artist support plan”. Artists from all over the world are invited to join us and can contribute to us by themselves [email protected] To provide high quality Diversified and valuable works of art will transform the art market and affect the encrypted asset world! Let more people feel the charm of encryption art.

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