Wasm summit 2021, SSVM of server, wasmer – weekly report of webassembly


At the same time, it is becoming more advanced for non-standard applications such as wassvm.


Wasm summit 2021 is coming

In April 2021, webassembly summit will be broadcast live on YouTube. If you are interested in giving a speech at the event, you can do it through theirwebsiteSubmit!

Wasm – SSVM on the server

InfoQ published a QA article on SSVM. SSVM is a web assembly virtual machine optimized for server applications. SSVM focuses on high-performance application scenarios, such as media processing and edge AI reasoning. SSVM provides system and hardware access to webassembly programs through Wasi like extensions such as SSVM Wasi tensorflow. This paper discusses the advantages and disadvantages of this method.

Wasmer releases 1.0.0 – beta1

This beta includes:

  • Supporting Middleware
  • A new context API for passing data to the host function environment
  • And support the new Apple silicon M1 chip.

How to use wasm dwarf

Follow this article to learn how to use dwarf to debug a webassembly program.


Chimera is a kubernetes dynamic admission controller, which uses web assembly based policies to verify incoming requests. Users can use their favorite programming language to write kubernetes policy and compile it into webasmbly bytecode.

Webassembly at open source conference of Linux foundation

This open source conference has carried out a number of lectures on webassembly technology.

Rust news

Why do scientists fall into rust’s arms?

Nature, a top science magazine, discusses the trend for scientists and researchers to use rust in scientific computing programs. The attraction of rust to scientists lies in the security and availability of memory. The paper also points out that the steep learning curve of rust may hinder its adoption. The rust community needs better developer tools, especially for beginners.

Breadx, a rust implementation of X Window System Protocol

Breadx is a rust implementation of X window system protocol. X window system protocol is a networked windows system for building graphical user interfaces on UNIX and UNIX like operating systems. The advantage of using rust is that memory and thread are very safe.

Rewrite JavaScript with rust in openetg

The developer serprex rewrites a game engine for openetg with rust. One goal of rewriting is to make cloning of shared data faster. This improves the performance of AI operations by two to four times and reduces latency.

Rust shaders on the web

With Shadeed, shaders can now be written, uploaded and run in rust on the web. Shadered is a lightweight tool for writing and debugging shaders. Click here to viewdemo

Linfa, a rust machine learning framework

Linfa’s goal is to provide a comprehensive toolkit to build machine learning applications using rust. At present, it mainly focuses on common preprocessing tasks and classical machine learning algorithms.


Preview of Aurora serverless V2 launched by AWS

In the first keynote speech of Re: invest 2020, AWS announced the next version of Amazon Aurora serverless, which can now be previewed. Amazon Aurora serverless V2 allows independent data storage and computing expansion. Developers only need to pay for the resources actually consumed, and hardly need to reserve capacity. It can automatically scale tens of thousands of transactions in milliseconds, and can be implemented in small capacity adjustment.

Dgraph lab launched slash enterprise: a fully managed, server free version of advanced graphics database

Slash, the first fully hosted enterprise data server in production, is announced. The service can run on dedicated and multi regional clusters deployed by AWS, azure and GCP.

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