Want to do good first – idea plug-in


If you want to work well, you must first sharpen your tools. It is very logical to play well with good shoes.

——Yangtze River seven

The same prologue, different wine, different story.

In the previous article, I have recommended some efficiency system software commonly used by individuals. I think it’s helpful and resonates with you, rock. Let’s move on to a new chapter – idea plug-ins. Please forgive me for using eclipse. I haven’t used eclipse for several years and can’t give you any suggestions.

The following plug-ins are directly searched and installed in the idea plug-in management:

Idea > Ctrl + a > Enter "plugins" > select plugins > select marketplace (TAB) > Enter plug-in name > select Install

The link is provided to let the reader have a look at the official documents.


Quick positioning cursor, with it, you can lose the mouse.

All you need isCtrl + ;Then enter the character to jump to to to locate the corresponding position.

Want to do good first - idea plug-in


Using VIM style to write code in idea is only suitable for VIM party. Don’t introduce more, understand the nature. If you don’t understand, learn VIM (automatic dog head) first.


Link: https://github.com/gejun12345

  • Quickly generate setter methods for local variables. You don’t need to set one by one. You often forget one result and get a bug.
  • Code in the form of setter for fast convert on methods.


Camel case switch plug-in.

You can quickly switch between camelCase, camelCase, snake case and snake case through shortcut keys.

Default shortcut:ctrl + shift + u

Want to do good first - idea plug-in

Free MyBatis plugin

  1. Quickly locate each other between mybatis mapper class method and mybatis mapper.xml SQL statement.

    Want to do good first - idea plug-in

  2. Quickly generate corresponding mapper statements according to method definitions.

    Want to do good first - idea plug-in


Link: https://github.com/zhengjunba


  • Generate Dao, service, XML and SQL files with one click according to POJO files.
  • After the POJO file is updated, the corresponding SQL and mybatis XML files are updated with one click.
  • Five methods are provided: insert, insertlist, update, select and delete.
  • It can generate corresponding files of multiple POJOs in batch.
  • After adding a new field in POJO file, the SQL statement for adding the field is generated at the same time.
  • Automatically add POJO’s comments to the corresponding SQL file’s comments.
  • Rich configuration. If there is no configuration file, the default configuration will be used.
  • You can configure shortcut keys in the shortcut key configuration in IntelliJ idea.
  • Currently, MySQL + Java is supported, and more DB will be supported in the future.

Maven Helper

Check the Maven package reference relationship and quickly locate the conflicts. Compared with the ideaDiagramsMore clear and easy to use.


Link: https://github.com/x-hansong/

Most programmers who have some ideas are grumpy about the repetitive code. If they want to solve it through the framework, or through the automatic generation of code.CodeMakerIt is an idea code generation plug-in. You can generate the corresponding template (based on velocity) according to the class, and then you can generate similar classes directly through idea.

Want to do good first - idea plug-in

Git Commit Template

Git commit message must be simple and practical, and describe the function of commit clearly. _Insert a digression, the old code will be deleted directly, don’t say what may be used later, GIT history has helped you record, please don’t stay in the current version!!! A kind of

  • Organize messages in the following style

    <type>(<scope>): <subject>
  • Submit a message as follows

    Want to do good first - idea plug-in

  • Message will look like this

    Want to do good first - idea plug-in

Grep Console

Link: https://plugins.jetbrains.com

  1. Let the Console log have colors. You can configure different colors for trace, debug, info, warn and error.

    Want to do good first - idea plug-in

  2. Grep filtering log

    Want to do good first - idea plug-in

Jackson Generator Plugin

Link: https://plugins.jetbrains.com

Quickly generate between class and JSON. And againGson Generator。 One generationJacksonStyle class (annotation), a generationGsonStyle class.


Link: https://plugins.jetbrains.com

Plug in that must be installed to use Lombok.

Lombok generates getter, setter, toString, builder and other meaningless codes by adding annotations (the principle is bytecode modification, Maven plug-in and idea plug-in).

Rainbow Brackets

Link: https://plugins.jetbrains.com

Let your left bracket and the corresponding right bracket (both of which can be used) display the same color to quickly see the range of brackets.

like this:

Want to do good first - idea plug-in

String Manipulation

Link: https://plugins.jetbrains.com

andCamelCaseIt’s similar, exceptcamelStyle string conversion also includes many powerful functions:

  • Style switching (camelCase, kebab lowercase, kebab uppercase, snake_case, sweeping_snake_case, dot.case, words lowercase, first word capitalized, words capitalized, Pascal case).
  • UN / escape code (Java, JavaScript, SQL, HTML, etc.).
  • Encoding / decoding (MD5, hex, Base64, etc.)
  • Sort character lines

Want to do good first - idea plug-in

Want to do good first - idea plug-in

The above plug-ins are recommended to search and install directly in idea plug-in management:

Idea > Ctrl + a > Enter "plugins" > select plugins > select marketplace (TAB) > Enter plug-in name > select Install

The link is provided to let the reader have a look at the official documents.


  1. To be good and to be sharp in advance – System Chapter
  2. “Good tools in advance – idea plug-in” (this chapter)
  3. Library (to be updated)
  4. “Good tools in advance – process part” (to be updated)
  5. “Good tools in advance – website section” (to be updated)

If you are interested in one or two of the above plug-ins, you can find information by yourself (recommend official website), or you can leave a message. If you have time, you can share my experience in detail. If you have other gadgets that are not mentioned above, share them in the comments section. Please pay attention to my official account.

Want to do good first - idea plug-in

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