W3C tutorial (16): other W3C activities


This section provides an overview of other important and interesting W3C activities.
This section provides an overview of other important and interesting W3C activities.

Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI)

Wai defines guidelines on how to make web content easier for people with disabilities.
Wai strives for the goal of “web accessibility for all” through technology, guidelines, tools, education, research and development projects.
W3C Wai recommendations
MathML is an XML standard for describing mathematical symbols.
MathML’s goal is to enable mathematics to be provided, accepted and processed on the web, just as HTML can enable text to achieve.
W3C MathML recommendations
SVG is a language used to describe binary graphics in XML.
Svg runs three types of graphics objects: vector graphics, shapes, images, and text.
Property settings include transformations, clipping paths, alpha masks, filter effects, template objects, and extensibility.
W3C SVG 1.1 recommendation
W3C SVG 1.2 working draft
InkML is an XML data format used to express digital ink data. This kind of data is input through an electronic pen or input pen as an integral part of a multi-path system.
W3C InkML working draft
The goal of W3C internationalization activities is to recommend and adjust any technology, agreements, guidelines and activities within W3C and with other organizations to make it easier to use W3C technology globally in different languages, scripts and cultures.
W3C internationalization activities
The work of W3C’s voice browser activity is to enable people to interact through spoken instructions and voice synthesis to expand the web.
Voice extensible markup language (VoiceXML)
Speech synthesis markup language (VoiceXML)
Speech recognition syntax specification
Voice browser call control (CCXML)
W3C home page

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