Vue + springboot front end separation development idea


The front end only needs to write client code independently, and the back end only needs to write server code independently to provide data interface.

The front end accesses the data interface of the back end through Ajax request, and displays the model to the view.

The front-end and back-end developers only need to agree on the interface documents (URL, parameter, data type) in advance, and then develop them independently. The front-end can fabricate fake data for testing, and does not need to rely on the back-end. Finally, the back-end integration is completed, and the decoupling of front-end and back-end applications is realized, which greatly improves the development efficiency.

Monomer — “front end application + back end application”

Front end application: responsible for data display and user interaction.

Back end application: responsible for providing data processing interface.

Front end HTML — “Ajax –” restful back-end data interface.

Vue + springboot front end separation development idea

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