Vue.js drag and drop text box components


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The first bullet is a drag and drop text box.

Drag and drop text box allows users to determine input by dragging alternatives to the text box. In fact, it can also be said to be a deformation of ComboBox. Compared with combobox, this component allows users to see all alternatives more intuitively, and multiple inputs can share a set of alternatives. Similar components have also been used in many apps such as 3D Windrose app and graph maker app.

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Register components

Register the drag and drop text box component (in fact, the encapsulated code Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V).


Vue.component("drag-and-drop-text-box", {
    template: "#drag-and-drop-text-box-template",

add component

Use custom labels directlyAdd a drag and drop text box component.

Transfer data

Transfer data to components, such as direct assignment of variable columns and input arrays. The variable columns corresponds to the names and attributes of all options, and the input corresponds to the label and selected value of each item.

columns:  [
{"name":"B","longname":"Aluminum Aluminum"},
input: [
{text: "Material A", value: null},
{text: "Material B", value: null},
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