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A set of software based on vue2. X
Element UI 2.14.1 one stop platform template of background management system.
Five templates have been released: one Pro version (including all basic versions) and four basic versions. Click settings in the upper left corner to preview more functions.
You can select the corresponding template to preview and download, hoping to help you complete the rapid development.

Online preview

  • Pro version Preview…
  • Preview of fashion version…
  • Classic version Preview…
  • Select version Preview…
  • Preview of strange version…

Back end control of menu authority

  • Super management: experience with admin 123456
  • Ordinary users: Test 123456 to experience

Code warehouse

  • Pro version…

Install cnpm

  • Copy code (desktop CMD running)npm install -g cnpm --registry=


#Clone project
git clone

#Enter the project
cd vue-admin-wonderful

#Installation dependency
npm install

#Running projects
npm run serve

#Package and release
npm run build

Study and communicate with QQ group

  • Add group to download basic template and view development documents.
  • Group number: 665452019

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  • vue
  • element-ui
  • axios
  • vue-element-admin


  • Vue3. X has not been considered, waiting for more informationUIFramework.
  • If you like to use it, it doesn’t matter if you don’t like it. It’s not easy for everyone to work.

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