Vscode_ plug-in unit


Autor: Palapple Date: 2020-03-06 Tag: Vscode,Git,JavaScript

Vscode_ plug-in unit

Vscade recommended plug-in

Write front-end code with vscode, including common HTML5, CSS3, Vue and react. One reason for liking vscode is that it has good plug-in support for different frameworks, including syntax highlighting, automatic completion, automatic package introduction, syntax detection, etc. at the same time, it is deeply integrated with git, with one click commit and one click push; it has its own debugger test; and;
Generally speaking, for front-end project writing, 90% of the operations can be completed in a compiler;

I have been using vscade for some time. I recommend some common plug-ins to greatly improve the efficiency;

  • Classic plug-ins: open in browser, beautify, auto import
  • Debugger for Chrome
  • Highlight Matching Tag

Different highlight colors are used for different tags to improve the recognition of tags

Vscode_ plug-in unit

  • HTML Snippets

You can quickly create HTML 5 pages

Vscode_ plug-in unit

  • VS Code Counter

The amount of code used to calculate the project

Vscode_ plug-in unit

  • Vue family bucket
  • Vue
  • Vue 2 Snippets
  • Vue-beautify

Vscode_ plug-in unit

  • vscode-icons

You can display different icons for files with different suffixes and different icons for folders with specific names

Vscode_ plug-in unit

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