Vs2019 cannot start program (system cannot find the specified file) solution


The newcomer Xiaobai had problems with vs for the first time, as shown in the figure

The main performance is: generation error occurred. Do you want to continue running the last successful build
At this time, click “yes” and start to report the error in the above figure.

The new Xiaobai’s solution

If you just write a little program to run

The biggest reason may be that there are two irrelevant. C or. CPP files in your source file. There are main functions in these two files. Delete one of them

For example, if I’m just starting to learn, you can change the method of creating a project
As shown in the figure: create windows desktop wizard, click next

Then check the blank item and click OK

After that, right-click the source file to add – New Item – C + + file – OK
Enter our code again

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