Vs2019 attribute configuration details


How to add parameters in vs?

Property > configuration property > debug > space between command parameter parameters

How to configure the header file of the third party library?

Properties > C / C + + / general > attach include directory

Execute CMD with administrator privileges

Properties > linker > manifest file > UAC execution level

How to use printf to increase debugging information when vs uses MFC?

Configure Properties > generate event > post build event > add command line:

editbin /SUBSYSTEM:CONSOLE “$(OUTDIR)\$(ProjectName).exe”

You can use printf

MFC uses release to compile and report an error

Error information:

Error LNK2005 “void *__ cdecl operator new(unsigned __ int64)” (?? [email protected]_ [email protected] )Already in LIBCMT.lib (new_ scalar.obj )In the definition uafxcw.lib ( afxmem.obj )

Solution: in this case, the solution corresponds to the release mode, and the debug mode needs to adopt other methods.

Project > Properties > linker > input > Add dependency: uafxcw.lib ; LIBCMT.lib

Ignore specific defaults: LIBCMT.lib ; uafxcw.lib

The runtime is modified as follows:

Project > Properties > C / C + + – > code generation > runtime needs to be changed to multithreading (/ MT)

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