Vs2012 / vs2013 local publishing website problem collection (HTTP error code)


HTTP error 500.19 internal server error, HTTP error 403.14 forbidden, HTTP error 404.17 not found. The specific contents are as follows

1. Unable to read configuration file due to insufficient permissions

resolvent:Right click the website and select Edit permission. Security – Edit – add – Advanced – find now – everyone.

2. Missing site default page

resolvent:This is because the default start page of the website is not set. You need to – add a default start page in the default document. Right click the default document – Open function – add, and enter the default start page name of the publishing website.

3. . net version is inconsistent


Enter the application pool interface

In the application pool, right-click the website to publish – Advanced Settings – set the. Net Framework version to v4.0

Of course, the websites published in this way are only limited to mutual access within the LAN. If you want to access the external network, you can set up relevant settings through routing and server. There is no need to complain here. Interested friends can refer to this article(Click reference)。

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