VS2010 debugging error prompt: what if the system cannot find the specified file?


Some friends will encounter the situation as shown in the following figure when using vs series software. The software pops up a prompt box indicating that the specified file cannot be found. Then, how should we solve this problem? Today, Xiaobian will share with you my solutions to this problem.

1. First, we search cvtres in my computer interface Exe, as shown below. If VS2010 is installed on your computer, you can generally search for more than one file.

2. The search results of Xiaobian are shown in the figure below. We can see that there are several paths with this file, so what we need to do is to replace the file in the third path with the file in the second path,It’s usually a new one for an old oneof

3. For those who can’t operate, see the following figure,Right click to select the searched information, select the location of the open file,Then copy to another folder.

4. After performing the above steps, the general problem will be solved. If your problem is still not solved, you may need to reinstall this software.

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