Vs compile time razortaghelper – dotnet_ HOST_ PATH is not set


Today, I heard from my friend that I had a problem and opened oneaspnetcore2.2The project is very interesting, lacking environmental variablesDOTNET_HOST_PATH


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error 	 MSB4018 	 The 'razortaghelper' task failed unexpectedly.
System.InvalidOperationException: DOTNET_HOST_PATH is not set
   In Microsoft AspNetCore. Razor. Tasks. DotNetToolTask. get_ DotNetPath()
   In Microsoft AspNetCore. Razor. Tasks. DotNetToolTask. GenerateFullPathToTool()
   In Microsoft Build. Utilities. ToolTask. ComputePathToTool()
   In Microsoft Build. Utilities. ToolTask. Execute()
   In Microsoft AspNetCore. Razor. Tasks. DotNetToolTask. Execute()
   In Microsoft Build. BackEnd. TaskExecutionHost. Microsoft. Build. BackEnd. ITaskExecutionHost. Execute()
   In Microsoft Build. BackEnd. TaskBuilder. d__ 26.MoveNext() 	 YiSha. Admin. Web 	 C:\Users\hueif\. nuget\packages\microsoft. aspnetcore. razor. design.2.0\build\netstandard2. 0\Microsoft. AspNetCore. Razor. Design. CodeGeneration. targets 	 seventy-nine

Now let’s see if our operating system lacks this environment variable.
We open the console and enterset, as shown in the figure below, we will see the operating environment variables of the current operating system:


Well, I don’t see. The error message is very clear. Let’s solve it.

We use setx to add our dotnet path in windows,/mThe parameter is to add a system variable, as shown below:

setx "DOTNET_HOST_PATH" "%ProgramFiles%\dotnet\dotnet.exe" /m

Now let’s check whether our system variable has been added successfully:


Well, it’s ready. Now we can restart vs and try to regenerate it~

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