Vmware15.5 builds Yum warehouse by attaching system CD


Vmware15.5 builds Yum warehouse by attaching system CD
1. Open CentOS 7 virtual machine.


2. Log in to the virtual machine, select user name not listed: root password: enter the password you set and click log in.




3. Right click to open the terminal.


4. Enter the CD.. command twice to return to the root directory.


5. Create a directory for chenzishuo, and enter MKDIR / chenzishuo in the terminal


6. Configure the local yum, mount the CD-ROM to Chen zishuo, and input mount / dev / CDROM / chenzishuo in the terminal


7. Enter the file yum.repos. D, input CD / etc / yum.repos. D at the terminal, and then input the command ls to open the current folder.


8. Input the input command at the terminal:

mv CentOS-Base.repo CentOS-Base.repo.bak

mv CentOS-Debuginfo.repo CentOS-Debuginfo.repo.bak

mv CentOS-Vault.repo CentOS-Vault.repo.bak

mv CentOS-CR.repo CentOS-CR.repo.bak

mv CentOS-fasttrack.repo CentOS-fasttrack.repo.bak

mv CentOS-Sources.repo CentOS-Sources.repo.bak

9. Open the centos-media.repo file and enter the command VI centos-media.repo in the terminal


10. Modify the contents under the current document.


Change to: baseurl = file: / / / chenzishuo

gpgcheck = 0

enabled = 1

Finally, press ESC and shift and: enter WQ to save and exit


11. Input the command Yum list at the terminal


12. Wait for a while. The list shows that the yum local warehouse has been built successfully.