VMware Workstation installing Linux system


From getting started to becoming a rookie, Linux operating system is essential. The first step is to install the Linux system. Because it’s just a beginning, so I installed Linux system on the virtual machine. Here, the virtual machine uses VMware Workstation 12. Several registration keys are provided here. Any version is permanently valid ~:






After the VM is installed, open it and select create new virtual machine,

Select recommendation, create classic, and then click Next until you need to mirror ISO files on Linux system and prepare them in advance,

After selecting the image file, click next to set the virtual machine name and path,

Set the maximum memory usage, as recommended,

Then set the network type, I / O controller type and disk type according to their recommended settings

Then create a new virtual disk and allocate the maximum disk space,

Finally, check the information and click finish. At this time, the Linux operating system has been installed on the virtual machine,

Click to open the virtual machine, the system will be opened and various configuration files will be loaded, waiting for a period of time.

Here, a problem arises, as shown in the figure,

The solution is to shut down and turn on the machine according to the above prompts. When the logo of the brand appears, press F12 (BIOS start key, which is generally displayed below the logo), and then enter the BIOS. According to different computer models, find the option of Intel virtual technology, change the disabled on the back to enabled, and then save the settings to exit and start the computer normally. After power on, you can enter the Linux system in the virtual machine normally, as shown in the following figure:

This is a graphical interface. It is better to use less graphical interface, which is not good for learning Linux. We must try our best to use character interface. In work, using Linux, the probability of using graphical interface is almost 0, so we must get used to it slowly.

In virtual machine Linux, press the shortcut key Ctrl + Art + F3 to enter the command line, Ctrl + Art + F1 to return to the graphical interface.