VMware Workstation 12 Pro installation Linux tutorial


This article records the Linux Installation Tutorial of VMware Workstation 12 Pro for your reference. The specific contents are as follows

Prepare in advance: install VMware Workstation12, and then prepare a Centos image. I installed CentOS 7-64 bit

1. Open VMware workstation12!

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Choose the typical mode, it’s relatively simple, you can choose if you don’t want to toss

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Here are the system parameters you have set. Make sure to change the hard disk or memoryCustom hardwareThe most important thing is to select your ISO image file address as follows, and confirm again after selection. It should be emphasized that Linux is not completely installed

Choose your ISO image file address

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After confirmation, start the virtual machine, press the selection arrow to select, select the first one, wait for the subtitle to appear and press enter

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Set the system to choose Chinese, here I choose English

Turn on network settings


Finally, the system will automatically install the system, set up the operating user, and wait for a period of time. Your Linux system has been successfully installed, which is so simple

2. Three common tools are recommended here, putty:

Putty is an open source software, which is mainly maintained by Simon Tatham and authorized by MIT license. With the popularity of Linux Application on the server side, Linux system management is more and more dependent on remote. Putty is one of the outstanding tools in various remote login tools. Putty is a free Telnet, rlogin and SSH client under Windows 32 platform, but its function is no less than that of commercial telnet tools.
SecureCRT: SecureCRT is a terminal emulator supporting SSH (ssh1 and SSH2), which is simply the software for logging in UNIX or Linux server host under windows. But this software charges, but Baidu on a lot of registration code registration machine, to find their own.

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