VMware version 15.5 install centos7


VMware version 15.5 install centos7

1、 Creating a new virtual machine in VMware 15.5
1. Open VMware and select create new virtual machine on the homepage.


2. New virtual machine wizard, select typical configuration.

3. Choose to install the operating system later.

4. Select the client operating system and version, CentOS 7 64 bit under Linux system, as shown in the figure.

5. Select the virtual machine name and installation path, which can be adjusted according to the actual situation.




6. Set the disk capacity and click next.


7. Set custom hardware.


8. Configure virtual machine settings.

<1> . select the ISO image file.


< 2 >. Set the running memory of the virtual machine.



9. Click the finish button.

10. Find CentOS 7 64 bit in my computer and click open virtual machine.




2、 CentOS 7 operating system installation process
1. After setting the language, click continue.



2. Setup of installation information.








3. Start the installation.



4. Set root password and user.



5. After setting, wait for the installation to be completed, enter the login interface and enter the password, then CentOS 7 can be used.