VITU research re presents the challenge to learn more about it


In traditional finance, securities companies produce a large number of valuable research papers every year, and the popularity of the Internet enables everyone of us to read its contents.

We need to trust these studies before making investment decisions, so we have to be able to replicate them. therefore Vitu.AI Whether the idea of encouraging communities to reproduce traditional finance through the reproducibility challenge can be applied to digital assets.

Is the construction of quantitative strategy unclear, where does not train growth? Come and join the VITU community‘s research and re emergence challenge.

Also, up to 199 usdt professional service!

Also, have the opportunity to get professional investors’ comments!


May 21, 2020 – June 18, 2020

Participating in the Research Report:

You can reproduce the strategies or research you have created in traditional finance into the world of digital assets, or you can choose one from our list to try it out.

Template reference:

Please indicate the source of the reference research report at the beginning of the original. You can refer to the template: Double average strategy for optimizing closing conditions.


5000 VITU will be obtained after one research report is reproduced and passed the review;

Those who enjoy the most will receive an additional 199 usdt professional service for one year.

Award rules:

  • Each participant can reproduce more than one research paper without limitation, and only one research paper can be awarded once;
  • A maximum of 3 participants for each research paper will be awarded;
  • For each repetition of a research strategy, the contestant can obtain 5000 VITU after evaluation.

Submission method:

Share the recurrence strategy to the community strategy or research channel, and judge @ V in the comments section below to review. After the review is passed, the VITU will be released to the account.

The diligent judge V will appear in time to review your strategy or research, and the award will be given at 18:00 p.m. every Friday night on the schedule.

Evaluation criteria:

  • The strategy is complete and operational;
  • The strategy is concise and organized;
  • Data selection is fresh and interesting.