When you come to learn, the channel goes online


What has VITU done in the 20 days since the last launch of the backtesting feature?

Today is November 18, 2019, We have officially released channels waiting for you to learn, including data analysis courses starting from python, data visualization, machine learning, and open source trading strategies. When you come to learn, the channel goes online Through the online interactive learning mode, we can help new comers understand and rationally participate in the transaction of digital assets, break the black box of quantitative transaction, and provide a variety of services from data cleaning, research discovery, transaction signal formation, backtesting with massive historical data, and discussing their discovery with traders. Compared with reading various reports, it will be endless fun to reproduce the results of research reports by hand, and even to understand the market through data.

Partners, according to their own interests, can learn freely. When you come to learn, the channel mainly includes the following contents:
Python diary of quantitative analysts
Top traders teach you how to do quantitative finance in Python

Get to know Python [start writing code today]
Let’s learn the most important language in data analysis

Data processing [Swiss Army knife pandas guide]
Start with a brief challenge to get insight into data and improve your data processing skills

Data visualization [from programming to painting]
Achieving excellent data visualization is a good way to observe the trend of data itself

Machine learning
Learn the core idea of machine learning and build the first model of your life

Machine learning [advanced guide to modeling]
Learn how to handle to make your model more accurate, starting with missing values

Introduction to trading
Dismantling the whole process of digital asset trading, starting today as a quantitative Trainee

Examples of strategies [introduction]
Start learning the simplest and most direct strategies today

In the past two decades, the Internet has realized a global information transmission network by relying on hardware and more important basic protocols such as TCP / IP. It has given new impetus to the real economy, and people’s lifestyle has been gradually changed or even subverted.

However, a large amount of information moves on the Internet, and many of them do not bring value to producers, but bring huge profits to middlemen. Google, Baidu, collect and index the content on the Internet, and then provide users with search services, making a lot of money, while the producers of the content do not get the value return they deserve. Similarly, Facebook, Tencent’s social network, countless users are willing to share their lives and ideas.

So, how to disintermediate and reward all participants in production activities?

Blockchain is the most likely answer.

In short, all human economic activities can be regarded as a kind of trading behavior. There are three uncertainties in trading behavior: trading object, trading process and trading result. Through the chain structure, encrypted hash and distributed ledger, the blockchain transparently records all the economic behaviors, and the digital assets on the chain quantify these economic behaviors and allow the value to be accurately exchanged.

Therefore, blockchain and digital assets redefine the value Internet, which is not only the carnival of technological geeks, but also changes the way of macro management and optimizes the production relations in society.

The wave of value Internet is coming. Should we choose to be a bystander or a torrent bravely?

As a digital asset data and research service provider, We found the gap from the beginning to understand the personal participation in the process, and devoted ourselves to creating a channel waiting for you to learn, paving the way for people who love learning and are interested in new things to trade digital assets, and also provide more types of asset allocation in a broad sense.

On the traditional track, such as finance, chip, biomedicine, material technology and other industries, the United States takes the lead in an all-round way. China needs to pay attention to the development of knowledge and technology, narrow the gap and fill in the short board. The new track that can give China an advantage is 5g, and the other is digital assets based on blockchain technology.

In the world of digital assets, we are all beginners, moving forward, and Accompany all the way, open the road of research. When you come to learn, the channel goes online

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