Visual studio looks for the necessary runtime files for c# programs


In project packaging, sometimes a headache is that the library files required for operation cannot be fully included, especially sometimes a series of external extensions are called. For these problems, we can borrow the packaging function of visual studio to help us find the library files necessary for software operation.

First, we create a new installation wizard project through “file — new — project — other project types — installation and deployment — visual studio installer”.

By default, we can go to the next step, and then we choose, in the blank area on the right, add the environment files required for the program to run. Here, you need to add references in the program project files, including DLL references, as shown in the following figure

After the reference is added, the area will automatically analyze and display the library files that the runtime depends on. You can press “Shift + F6” to generate the installation package, or you can manually find these runtime libraries.

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