Visual studio 2017 (vs 2017) offline installation package making method


The most powerful version of visual studio 2017 in history was released, but due to the accelerated version update speed and integration with third-party toolkits, the Microsoft R & D team did not provide the installation files downloaded offline for this version. If users are in a network environment isolated from the external network, they must first create their own ideal installation package. Refer to Microsoft’s official documents below(Create an offline installation of Visual Studio 2017 …)This paper introduces how to create an offline package.

Download installation tools

Users can get information from users in different ways( the offline installation package from Microsoft’s official website and save it locally, as shown in the table below:

The installation file is very small, about 1MB. You can also download files from MSDN subscriptions, such as


Download offline installation files

Run the installation tool file by configuring parameters in the command line window to download all the files required for visual studio installation. Note that the parameter is preceded by two half width horizontal lines.

Here are some common download parameters:

The following table shows all optional languages:

For us, we are more concerned about simplified Chinese and English. The following is an example of how I download Chinese and English

C:\DataDanZhang\vs2017>mu_visual_studio_enterprise_2017_x86_x64_10049783.exe –l
ayout C:\DataDanZhang\vs2017\offline-en-chs –lang en-US zh-CN

Note that if you do not select any parameters, the installation package for all languages will be downloaded, which may occupy 24GB of disk.

Figure 1 –command line

Figure 2 – Initialize download program

Figure 3 – Start download

Create ISO image file

You can download a free ISO file tool on the Internet, such as, package the downloaded files in an ISO file.

Figure 4 – Free ISO Creator

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