Visual studio 2017 RC installation tutorial


The last time I saw the blog about visual studio 2017 RC, I saw that one of the improvements was that it started quickly, which was a great progress and the expectation of programmers with low-cost computers. But I haven’t experienced it yet. It’s a donkey or a mule. I’ll start downloading it.

1. Open the official website:

2. Select the “free download” button to enter the download location column.

3. Select the version to download, as shown in the figure below

I chose

Visual Studio Professional 2017 RC

4. Start installation: the size of the downloaded file is about 1041kb. Open the file to start installation. The installation is online

The most obvious difference from the previous version is to choose the installed module, such as ASP Net and so on

The installation interface is as follows:

Wait for the installation to complete!

5. Complete the installation. Wake up the next morning and the installation is complete.

Experiment with the startup speed. The first startup is a little slow. Choose “later”

Like vs2015, first select the theme color, and here select the default blue

It’s a little slow after selecting “start”

6. Problems found. After one night’s installation, it was found that there was no new project NETCORE project was clearly selected during installation NETCORE, strange.

The selection interface during installation doesn’t work after trying again

A “single component” is found. After clicking, it is as follows:

There was no choice Net core runtime, this option is not selected by default during installation. After vs2017 is opened, there is a problem when creating a new project Net core project.

So far, visual studio 2017 RC has been installed. The startup interface is similar to vs2015, and there are three styles. We will talk about the new features of the project later.

Improvement of visual studio 2017 RC from the perspective of installation

1. The selected components have changed and can no longer be installed by default as before, which avoids all post installation performance problems. This is one of the reasons why vs2017rc starts quickly.

2. Changes in the installation interface. The other two versions and the currently installed version are listed in the installation interface. The layout is not as monotonous as vs2015.

Visual studio 2017 RC considerations from the perspective of installation

1. The common problem of slow installation still exists. It is recommended to choose idle time to install without delaying work.

2. During installation, the in workload is selected Net core, but Net core cannot be used. You need to select “in a single component” Net core runtime, maybe the official version will improve this problem.

In general, visual studio 2017 RC is good. We look forward to the official version.

The above is the whole content of this article. I hope it will be helpful to your study, and I hope you can support developpaer.