Visual studio 2017 + opencv environment building tutorial


Opencv environment building tutorial is shared for your reference. The specific contents are as follows

Opencv package preparation

Download address:

Just find a sample on the official website:



3: Copy the code of the official website:ffilldemo.cpp

Ah!! How to report so many errors? Look at the prompt. It turns out that the source file of OpenCV cannot be found. Well, less, let’s add it

After adding it, I found that:

The following settings are required:

Problems found after setting:

There are still problems after setting:

You need to make the following settings to put the two lib files into the project source file directory….

It is found that it is not ready after setting:

The prompt should be changed to x64 bit. After setting, it is found that an error is reported again.

It was found that the source file of OpenCV could not be found again. It turned out that after the platform was set to x64, the previous settings were lost. Reset it

(1) Property page = > VC + + directory = > include directory = > Edit

newly added:





Linker – input = > additional dependencies

newly added:



After re setting and re production, it was found that the production was finally successful

It’s finally set up. It’s not easy.

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