Visual studio 2017 offline installation tutorial


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Visual studio, especially visual studio 2017, is usually an online installer. If you lose your connection during installation, you can encounter problems. However, due to legal reasons, Microsoft did not provide a complete downloadable ISO image. They cannot package Android installer from Google into ISO. Users need to download some content dynamically.

Fortunately, there are some ways to guide us through the offline installer. This installation method can be used to create USB or DVD installation disks.

first,land, click download. I downloaded the vs community. Of course, if you have the enterprise license, you can also download the enterprise version and put the downloaded online installation files in your own folder.

If you want to completely install all components of VS, you can run the installer with the following command. Note that this e: \ vs2017offline is the path I set, and select en US as my language.
vs_community.exe –layout e:\vs2017offline –lang en-US

However,If you don’t want to download all vs components – maybe you just want to NETCore,ASP. Net core and azure, you can use the following options. Microsoft calls this “workload.”“

Here are optionsAll componentsList of IDS.

The following command line is my own “workload” offline settings. I run this from a CMD prompt.

vs_community.exe --layout e:\vs2017offline --lang en-US --add 

Through the above settings, vs will download everything you need. If you want all vs components, it may take some time.

If you encounter problems or do not respond, please check DD in% temp%_ bootstrapper * . Log log file.

When it’s done, you’ll get a folder that you can copy to a DVD or USB device.

One advantage of this installation method is that you can use the – layout command to update the components of your offline folder at any time. The update can be used for visual studio 2017 (RC or other). You can run the – layout command again and point to the same connection folder to ensure that the folder contains the latest components. Only those components that have been updated since the last run will be downloaded.

Important:Please ensure that your file name is “vs#u [SKU]. Exe”. Sometimes you get a file, such as vs_ community__ 198521760.1486960229. Exe, you need to rename it to vs_ community. Exe to work offline.

Before running setup, you need to install the root certificate in the \ certificates folder.

They are the root certificates required to verify the installation application (installed under programfiles \ visual studio \ 2017 \ installer) and directory (a JSON file that lists all vs components that can be installed through the installer). Most computers already have these root certificates. But it may not work on win7 user machines. After installing these certificates, setup will be able to verify that the content you are installing is trusted. Do not delete them after the installation is complete.

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